The Death Penalty in 2013


The death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state. This cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment is done in the name of justice.

It violates the right to life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception regardless of the nature of the crime, the characteristics of the offender, or the method used by the state to kill the prisoner.


  1. If you rape a child..kill anyone that is not under self defense… commit a terrorist attack…there is no reason to have sympathy for those people. When you look at the cases where the criminals lie about their remorse for what they have done…If they are not sorry..why should we be sorry for them.. I was hearing people saying they wish we had a more sympathetic court system…when in all actuality…that is wrong within it self…If you have a sympathetic court system…those people of the court could try and push for being able to let out criminals who show remorse who could easily be lying to get out and do it right back again… It's not about what is fair…because at the end of the day..those rapists and murderers were not being fair when they did what they did.

  2. The death penalty opponents couldn't be found when Ted Bundy was executed.They don't seem too torn up about the hangings of convicted Nazi war criminals in Nuremberg,either.When people they don't like are put to death,they're as silent as mice.Good goin',Political Correctness.Bra-freakin'-vo!Ugly,lyin' hypocrites.

  3. I'd like to see how you guys at AmnestyInternational would react towards the death penalty if someone in your family or someone you truly cared about got raped and murdered.

  4. Someone answer, what about pro-choice abortion, which is fetal death penalty?
    Address that in the context of the death penalty as your addressing in this video.

  5. Human trafficking? You deserve the death penalty. Kidnapping? You deserve the death penalty. Child molester? You deserve the death penalty.

    people want a better world then cry about the life of those who destroy it. As if human rights are somehow significant to those who forfeit it. Meanwhile we have hundreds of serial killers, tens of thousands of kidnappings and untold molestations. Do you really think the world is better for being so lax that the criminal bares no fear of consequence? We need a hammer not a pencil pusher.

  6. Death penalty wastes our tax dollars on extensive appeals processes, which will never end and will never provide closure because the punishment isn't immediate. If we take away the appeals, more wrongly convicted individuals will get executed, and this still happens with numerous appeals. We pretty much have two choices: either pay a ton of money that goes to waste for a punishment that won't be used anyways or pay in innocent lives to the legal system. 

  7. Criminal minded should be in prisons with a lifetime to think and regret, a fitting punishment is to deal with the truth behind bars for the rest of one's life…

  8. Don't want to be put to death? Don't commit a capital offense You kill someone, you rape them, you ruin a person / family's life, then you do not deserve your own. It is not up for discussion. Next topic please

  9. Death penalty is a primitive and cruel act which serves no purpose and benefits no one. It is sad that it is still happening today, even in so called "civilized" countries. I am ashamed of my species.

  10. Nice informative video about the Death Penalty. In most cases, I don't believe in the death penalty. Unless there is solid, concrete proof & the person has really committed horrible crimes. But in many cases, there is some doubt. And we are humans – who am I, who are we to say that a person should be killed or put to death? JMHO. Anyways, right now, I'm thinking about Iran & what happened to Reyhaneh Jabbari – her hanging – her execution. 🙁 RIP, Reyhaneh Jabbari. The hanging & execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari was NOT justice. She was defending herself from a man who was trying to sexually abuse her. I remember when I was in Graduate School & talked to one of my advisors & professors, & he said that world peace will never be accomplished or happen as long as there are regions in this world who treat women poorly, unequally, with no rights, unfairly, with no justice, etc. In some regions of the world, women's voices aren't heard simply because the men in those regions don't treat them equally or with hardly any respect.

    If there was respect for women, this unfair execution would've never happened. I think this is part of the reason why I don't believe in executions & the death penalty in most cases. Because in some cases, innocent people are executed & killed. Some people hide behind religion & use religion as the reason to support their unfair killings & executions of people such as stoning women to death for accusations of adultery. It's kind of like "The Crucible". You just accuse someone of something & then based on that accusation without solid, concrete evidence to back up the accusation – there is a mob mentality where people are too quick to punish & TOO QUICK to execute & kill. You can't reverse killing someone. Once you end a life, that human life is forever gone. Death is final.

    I agree with what my former Graduate School advisor & professor said. I don't believe world peace will ever exist as long as there are regions of this world that treat women this poorly, unfairly, & with complete disregard. Some people have become apathetic & have the excuse & say, "Why should we get involved or care because this is happening in another country?" I think silence & apathy are the worst things. By staying silent – it's kind of like turning a blind eye to injustice. By not speaking up – it's like you're allowing unfair practices & acts of injustice to continue & saying that it's alright to treat women – to execute women in this way. 

    Amnesty International tried to help & was involved in the campaign to delay Reyhaneh Jabbari's execution. I think organizations such as Amnesty International are important. They speak up for injustice in this world such as the tragic case of Reyhaneh Jabbari. Instead of being just reactive, it's better to be speak up & be more proactive instead. Instead of letting more deaths & injustice occur – it's better for more people to speak up & let it be known that it's NOT okay to kill or execute a person without solid, concrete proof & evidence. And that rape, sexual assault, sexual violence is NOT acceptable or okay.

    This world would be a better place if more people cared about the future of this world – the world that their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, girlfriends, partners, co-workers, relatives, acquaintances, mentors, teachers, etc. live in. Some people say don't get speak up or get involved because this has nothing to do with my nuclear family unit, our region, our country, etc. But one of these days some of us may be directly or personally affected if a female we care about traveled somewhere in a different region & was about to be sexually assaulted or raped & then they tried to defend themselves & then this same outcome – execution – happens to them. I think it's worth it for more people to speak up, not be self-absorbed & self centered, be less apathetic, not be silent, & to be more proactive & to say that it's not okay to kill all these women. That it's not okay or acceptable for any man to do whatever to women & have their way with them & to violate them. That it's not okay for women to stay silent & be violated in every way as a way of life. That's showing disrespect to all women in this world & showing lack of safety, physical & emotional health for women being compromised or  impacted in a negative way when they have to live in environments where they can be raped often & suffer like that & continue to live like that.

    Anyways, since this is an Amnesty International video, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to Amnesty International that they are a good organization & thank them for all the work they have done in the past & present. I have supported them. I have some t-shirts, bracelets, candles, merchandise & have donated to them in the past & signed some petitions. etc. I think it's important to have active watchdog organizations such as Amnesty International that speak up for human rights, unfair practices & actions, injustice, etc. It's not okay to see so many deaths, so many horrible actions, etc. in this world. This world is never going to be a completely safe or beautiful place to live in until many parts of this world have human rights, equality, fair treatment, etc. And it's important for people to open their eyes & to care that what happens in other parts of this world may eventually happen in their part of their world in the future. This world can't be a safe or better place until more individuals speak up & make an effort to make it a better & safer place – whether it be talking to politicians about new or more improved legislation or using social media to highlight when some injustices have occurred, or physically helping people in need, etc.

  11. I love the way so many self righteous people love to throw around and pull the "human right's" drawcard, as if it gives you some sort of moral high ground; as if life imprisionment is somehow honoring these "rights" more. A right is no spiritual or moral sense, it is simply what you can do as determined by the state or constitution. If I wanted to marry someone of the same sex in a state that has not legalized gay marriage I don't have any "right" to marry him – it's simply against the law whether I like it or not. What is at dispute is whether or not I should HAVE that right. 

  12. These amnesty videos are so stupid, I rather just take that little vigil they have for those cold hearted killers and blow it out and light a different one in respect for policeman that have been killed

  13. Death penalty is not to take revenge. If someone klills some one, he deserves to die. Do you really believe that spending the rest of your life in prison is the fair penalty. Is a human life not worth more than years in prison? Therfore death penalty is just because if you take a persons life you derserve to die. Not to take revange, but it is the penalty you deserve…

  14. Executions decreased from 37 to 22
    Because of whaling, blue whale's length decreased from 37 to 22 m.
    Amnesty International is 50 years old.
    Triangle has 3 sides
    Illuminati confirmed.

  15. If someone tells me that Mexico isn't whacking people I will laugh in their face. I hear the bleeding hearts going on about how terrible it is, but the ones who get whacked never commit another crime.

  16. Fuck the Death Penalty!

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  17. I strongly support the death penalty,and im not changing my mind on the subject! I do not buy the line that everyone is innocent! frankly,im convinced that out of ten suspects aquitted,7 of them are guilty,but I believe of 20 convicted,only 2 or 3 are innocent! I do not believe its better to have guilty walk free.i do not want to see innocent people convicted mind you,but I do not want to see any guilty get off under any circumstances!

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