One Billion Rising For Justice Live: Gujarat, India


Live broadcast from One Billion Rising India in Gujarat.


  1. Modi should have remorsed for Gujrat riots, he never visited any refugee camps of riot victims. Even now during election campaign Modi never talks about his Gujrat crime which brought national shame. He very inteligently forgets his gross misdeeds as a CM. He talks about terrorism for which he needs to take partial responsibility as he himself endorsed Gujrat riots. He moved with the dead bodies of Godhra victims around Ahmedabad to flame communal emotions.The massacre he masterminded against a particular religion cannot be ever forgotten and forgiven. Modi agents are spreading so much lies and propaganda about Gujrat vikas model on social media. Gujrat has been prosperous and Gujratis haven been hard working business oriented people. It is not Modi who brought prosperity. Modi works under the industrial giants like Tata and Ambani for their interest. Tata has been given subsidized land in Gujrat to produce nano cars, only upper class rich people benefit from Modi if he becomes PM, the rest of BJP leaders will finish our country with communal discrimination and corruption.

  2. Dear Afroz, Gazala, Fatma & team of Samerth – We are so proud of you. The entire Samerth team congratulate our Women team and wishing them a very happy Women's day. 

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