Ukraine must act now to stop escalation of violence


The use of live ammunition by police in Kyiv would only increase what is already a highly volatile situation, Amnesty International said today after four protesters were killed and the government issued a statement saying that police may start using live ammunition.

The death of a man after being brutally beaten by two riot police officers is another example of pervasive police impunity in Ukraine.

Heather McGill, Amnesty International’s Ukraine expert speaks here about the overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations in Kyiv which turned violent on Sunday night after the government introduced a series of new laws criminalizing protests and severely limiting freedom of assembly, association and expression on Thursday. The new laws came into effect at midnight on Wednesday 22 January.

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  1. Occupy wall Street, Arap Spring, Turkish Gezi, Brazilian turmoil, Romanian protests. And now Ukraine.. Don't you think there is something WRONG with the system? I am in fully support with Amnesty to at least stop police violence around the world.

  2. So the united nations sits back and watches the ussr grow again? Are the united nations (majority vote islamic) & the russian gov. buddies???
    The people always win because the people outnumber your bullets!!HA!!
    If you kill, THEY stand up and the GIANT smashes you and destroys your infrastructure,
    and take hold of your gold that you not hire poor wicked men to do your evil deeds for you!!! And then, as it always was in the past, they hang or burn you that think your technology and dollars save u

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