One Billion Rising

333, On 19 January 2014, the official One Billion Rising 2013 documentary short will premiere at Sundance, the preeminent film festival founded by One Billion Rising supporter, Robert Redford!

In celebration, we invite you to host a Sundance Rising Viewing Party as a lead up to your 2014 One Billion Rising for Justice events. Gather activists, volunteers, community members, and organizations in houses, dorms, movie theaters, stadiums, auditoriums, parks, and malls between 19 January to 25 January to screen the film and help build momentum for this years initiatives, while honoring last years accomplishments.

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  1. "The 'Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts' is practical study on the aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things ~ Human, Animal and Plant Kingdoms" Ambassador Renate
    From the historic ARK in Berea, The International Center of the Environmental Art Movement

  2. so beautiful!!! arise, celebrate and awaken the divine feminine. Its time. Its through the awake women that humanity will ascend as being civilized. aum

  3. This video is so overwhelming. It is one thing to say "One billion will rise", but to actually see it… and to think that the ones we saw here was just a small fraction of all who actually participated… It is truly a mighty thing to see!

  4. Super ich sage nur noch SUPER wie ihr das alles gemacht hat Gewalt gegen Frauen soll einfach nur verboten werden!!! DA kann ich diese Dislikes nicht Verstehen… Egal Hauptsache One Billion Rising wird immer voller!! Bis es irgentwann keine Frauen Vergewaltiger mehr gibt… Ich wünshe euh noch viel viel Glück und ein Abonent ist es auf jedenfall Wert .. 🙂

  5. Ensler’s vow to kill American individualism once again reveals the true motive behind radical feminism, an authoritarian attack on true freedom and an evisceration of the moral worth of the individual and true classical liberalism, with is diametrically opposed to the tenets of collectivism.
    According to Kristinn Taylor, in calling for a collectivist revolution, Ensler revealed the true nature of what she and other top feminists are pushing for, a “communist cult recruitment campaign” which is using the One Billion Rising organization as a front group.
    In addition, Ensler’s refusal to draw attention to how Islam treats women as second class citizens (she also decried “Islamophobia” during her speech), is at complete odds with her organization’s mission of ending rape and sexual violence against women.
    As we have exhaustively documented, Europe is currently plagued by a Muslim rape epidemic that feminists refuse to even address over fears of being labeled politically incorrect.

  6. If the one billion did this everyday with a certain intent, a new change for the world, it would happen and there is nothing anyone could do about it. Emotion controls the world, and when combined with dance, the word, and the thought… this changes everything, the power of 3 is possible in all people. 1 can do it, but 1 billion make it easier, a lot easier. Focus on what you want, and see it become. Dont want is the opposite of what one wants, but it creates into reality as easy as the I want phrase. TV is used to teach people to act like a parot and say what they dont want, tv is ridden with dont want phrases so, I like to say this. Angels answer EVERY prayer, but, angels can not hear the word dont. Dont want (negative and opposite of what is wanted), Say what you want with clarity, with excitement and wait, remember what has been said, and soon you will see it happen in reality. (In the beginning there was darkness and God said, let their be light) (For example) There was not any light until that God, thought it, spoke it, and knew it could come true. Then there was light. The thought, emotion and word always comes first. This is what Jesus and many other great deities knew and know. The secret to Jesus and life, is they understood the power of thought, the word, and the emotion set behind it… 1 billion rising and knowing what has been said here will alter the planet over night..

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