And Then We Were Jumping


An animated film created by artist Jordan Bruner based on a poem written by Eve Ensler. Read the poem here:


  1. Powerfull, I am not meant to save him. My wish is for all the victims of violence I have known thru the years ,includkng me to see this and have help on their healing journey

  2. THANK YOU! Clearly inspired and beautifully made!! I definitely recognize myself in this, spot on… and I will share with all the women (and men) that I know have experienced this or ARE experiencing this! Gratitude and love to you Jordan Bruner and Eve Ensler!! 

  3. I am completely lost…  It seems that there is some cryptic message in here about some kind of violence or abuse but I can't figure it out; this just seems like a very odd dream.
    Can someone help?

  4. I don't quite understand it… it's just so vague. I understand there was some form of abuse… Physical and mental. Would anyone give me some insight on this poem? I'm eager to know more.

  5. I'm sorry i understand there might be an important message underneath all that unwatchable cryptic weirdness.
    If you want to convey a message, a tip would be conveying it in ways more than 1% of populus would understand or suffer trough and finish this.

  6. I am preparing to perform this monologue at Northern AZ University in February.  Thank you for the imagery and especially the audio, it is immensely helpful as I prepare to immerse myself in the experience.

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