Nabi Saleh peaceful protest


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Saleh Hijazi, campaigner for Amnesty International, speaks here from a peaceful protest in Nabi Saleh in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The protest was part of Amnesty International’s 2013 letter writing marathon events.

The 550 people living in Nabi Saleh village face frequent violent repression from the Israeli army.

Since 2009 the villagers have held weekly peaceful protests against Israel’s military occupation and the illegal settlement of Halamish, which has taken over most of their farmland. Despite court orders, the settlers have also turned the village water spring into a tourist attraction, which Nabi Saleh residents are prevented from using.

The Israeli army responds to the villagers’ peaceful protests with excessive and unnecessary force. They have killed two protesters and injured hundreds, including women and children, by firing live ammunition, stun grenades and tear gas canisters. The Israeli security forces regularly raid the village, searching houses and arresting people, including children, late at night.


  1. Peaceful protest? Well yeah, you throw rocks of peace, we respond with gas grenades and rubber bullets of peace. 
    That rashdi tamimi(Kalb i'bni sharmuta) was killed by an accident(Not that i care) because he was a rock thrower. In the time of impact he even wore a kevlar vest. Why do you need a kevlar vest in a peaceful protest?

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