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European leaders should hang their heads in shame over the pitifully low numbers of refugees from Syria they are prepared to resettle, said Amnesty International. In a briefing published today, An international failure: The Syrian refugee crisis, the organization details how European Union (EU) member states have only offered to open their doors to around 12,000 of the most vulnerable refugees from Syria: just 0.5 per cent of the 2.3 million people who have fled the country.”

The EU has miserably failed to play its part in providing a safe haven to the refugees who have lost all but their lives. The number of those it’s prepared to resettle is truly pitiful. Across the board European leaders should hang their heads in shame,” said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International. The closest European capital – Nicosia – lies a mere 200 miles from Damascus. Yet collectively, EU member states have pledged to resettle just a very small proportion of Syria’s most vulnerable refugees. Amnesty International’s briefing breaks down the figures.

Only 10 EU member states offered resettlement or humanitarian admission
places to refugees from Syria.

Germany is by far the most generous — pledging to take 10,000 refugees or 80
per cent of total EU pledges.

Excluding Germany, the remaining 27 EU member states have offered to take a
mere 2,340 refugees from Syria.

France offered just 500 places or 0.02 per cent of the total number of people
who have fled Syria.

Spain agreed to take just 30 or 0.001 per cent of refugees from Syria.

Eighteen EU member states — including the UK and Italy — offered no places at all.

As winter approaches, conditions for the 2.2 million people who have fled Syria to neighbouring countries are deteriorating rapidly.


  1. They are not apathetic ! They know very well what they are doing, but their economic relations with Putin and Xi (who bear final responsibility for the crimes against humanity committed in Syria) are more important to them than the 100 000 + murders and the countless other crimes committed by Assad and his terror troops.   So it’s not apathy, but it is criminal hypocrisy, which represents a crime against humanity itself for reason of non assistance to people who want nothing else but the application of the United Nations Human Rights Charter.  

  2. I feel sorry for the non-Muslims, but the reason why there are so many refugees, is because of Islam. Muslims and their intolerance toward others. So why should we allow people in that are fond of Islam?? Maybe we should kick Muslims out and help the non-Muslims. Or conquer a piece of Syria for Syrian non-Muslims. A oil rich part of all those Islamic shit countries. 

  3. Why the fuck should the EU interfere with that clusterfuck!?! Let some Rich Saudi's do that. Oh wait, they're already delivering arms to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria. Pity that Amnesty International has degraded to this pathetic politically correct armchair socialist circle jerk.

  4. Amnesty is taking a cheap shot with this slick little production. The goal that everyone must focus on at the moment is to mitigate the violence and to stabilise Syria. Of course it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time, so governments and aid agencies can work on a few fronts simultaneously. As history attests, temporary refugees are liable to become permanent ones if their home country does not improve. The key for all the various national leaders in neighbouring countries and elsewhere is to try and make sure a durable ceaefire takes root in Syria. Whenever a conflict like the Syrian Civil War happens on the world stage the two questions of "What is important ?" and "What is urgent ?" need to be considered by all concerned parties. Ignoring what is important whilst focusing only on what is urgent leads to a problem not being solved. Focusing on what is important and ignoring what is urgent leads to human suffering in the present not being addressed. It's all about getting the priorities right.

    Prayers for the Syrian people.

  5. Refugees should be taken in by the countries surrounding them to prevent problems as much a possible. There's also a far bigger chance they'll return to their own country when they're not half a world apart when the situation is safe for them to return. If the EU decides they'll support with donations, that's nice and all but not their obligation. Other than that, long live Europe and fuck the EU.

  6. Wow, what deceptive propaganda!  Anyone with a brain who would like to understand this should google the "Hegelian Dialectic", watch this nauseating piece of garbage again, and ask yourself Cui Bono?

    If you still can't see who is behind this effort, ask yourself why Israel has no moral obligation to accept refugees, and why Israel isn't being coerced by Amnesty Int'l into accepting a single refugee. 

  7. you people are really messed up this is not about religion at all!! its about humanity that you don't feel or understand im guessing because ur not even a human to actually have the feeling of humanity or sympathy stop mentioning religion with everything bc it really makes you sound like an ignorant  and so sorry that your mother have not taught you what humanity is or gave you enough love to understand its meaning so stop hating on others!! these are children and women who are dying there, life is a repetitive cycle as they say what goes around comes back around don't care about any others bc of their religion no one will care then about ur children family if anything later happens in life , care for others so others care for you that's all I got to say! bye im out of here all you say is nonsense really!

  8. We should deport all Muslims, they're fucking Nazi's. With their dhimmi/untermensch/apartheid laws and their Übermensch Muslim laws and that their Qu'ran says that every goatfucker is obligated to strive for such a retarded Reich. 

  9. I think this movie trailer should be sort of an "aha moment" for the world leaders. Something horrible is going on in Syria, and they should try to do something about it! The scourge of this war is taking a toll on all of the surrounding countries who aren't even involved in the conflict but are forced into it. I hope the world leaders watch this and realize that it's time to take a stand for Syria and the surrounding countries.

  10. This video takes a negative aim on other world leaders. Syria's civil war is an inside problem and the people want what they want and if they don't get what they want, this civil war is going to go on for decades to come. What happens in Syria is not an issue for a country that's not effecting it. Other world leaders have problems with their on country and it's just adding havoc for them to be worrying about a country that's not effecting them at all. Like the U.S., we already are worrying about our debt ceiling and trying to send troops into Syria is going to cost money that we don't have. Stop forcing other countries in what they are not entitled to be in. Handle your own issues and maybe our world will be a better place.

  11. Great PR job of propaganda you doing here Amnesty International! What a lying farce the bunch of you are, you deserve to be executed in the public square for your deceit and crime against Western civilisation.

    What the world needs now is for the MUSLIMS TO STOP WAGING CRIMES UPON INNOCENT PEOPLES and then we would not have any traumatised refugees in the first place.

    Institutions like yours are an insult to the intelligence of humanity at large. DOWN WITH ISLAM AND DOWN WITH AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL WHICH IS THE MOST PATHETIC INSTITUTION IN THIS WORLD.

  12. Question is. Why dident you show Sweden on that resettle list? Because you are lying? I agree EU should do more waaaay more. But dont change facts because its sounds better

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