When Turkey took torture to the streets


Turkish authorities committed human rights violations on a massive scale in the government’s attempts to crush the Gezi Park protests this summer. The use of live ammunition, tear gas, water cannon, plastic bullets and beatings of protestors left more than 8,000 people injured at the scene of demonstrations, and the deaths of at least three protestors have been linked to the abusive use of force by police.


  1. I woke up in tears with this as one of the things on my mind today.
    Over the summer I attended several rallies and Turkish aid relief events… solidarity and deep empathy for all brave members of our global family. You are not alone.

  2. turkish people are fucking stupid

    this police have doing this against the kurds and nobody cares and now the turkish people are feeling how difficult it is

    freedom for kurds and turks

    fuck police fuck fascits fuck nazis

  3. You can get some freedom at North Iraq.I don't hate kurds but PKK(Terrorists).They attacking our army,our innocent citizens.At 60's Turks loves Kurds and Kurds loves Turks and PKK appeared.Kurds join them and here we go.

  4. Shut the fuck up. There are people died you know? who cares fucking buses or fucking roads! I honestly feel seek when see people like you. You are disgusting human being that does not care his own country freedom, does not care his own people lives but only cares about fucking buses and roads or fucking windows. Honestly go fuck yourself with your fucked up brain!

  5. very interesting… i live in germany. in Germany those are nazis, who are against erdogan, islam and new mosques. in Turkey the people know who the real nazis are. Nazis and Muslims worked together in WWII – and they do again.

  6. Does anyone know the woman? I know the man is Hakan Yaman but who is she? Give me some contact please. I want to help those two poor people or at least tell them a few words of support.

  7. U r going desteroy people's car, stores and burn goverment transportation vecihles. Do same things in usa or europe and you ll see how it works there. Two faced west always on the side of terror when it s out of their border. This wasnt about trees or for a park!! Who believes that is realy getting played by this groups… pkk is in it, marjinal left side groups in it ( by they are responsible of all the blood in turkey last 30 years) This is smthing against goverment to push soldiers towards them!!! Do this in a demokratical way, tell what u r against it and show it at the elections. But ur parties have been loosing the elections. U want another military take over. U r all democrats funny just for yourself!!! Like when all that people came together at Hrants funural and said we r all hrant we r all ermenians (same people!!!) Where were u when police, soldier, teacher dying.. ooi hrant said turkish blood is nasty then he danced to fixed… go to ermenia if u r ermenian.. ur book is closed in Turkiye!!! No more!!!

  8. they lost their eyes and still didnt learn anything. next time if they do this again the government should use military force against them. if they want a change you are free to vote! 

  9. זה מה שקורה שמדינה נהפכת להיות מוסלמית קיצונית. השנאה נגד ישראל והיהודים מתהפכת לעוול עצמי

  10. are those cops short white men also.why white in a land of great sunshine.i am getting the felling someone is harvesting short white guys to be cops.i am seeing them everywhere and if so.well I am unsure as I have never been here before but scary anyway.

  11. fuck turkey and fuck all turks,,,,,   long live kurds and kurdistan long live kurdish army Peshmerga YPG and PKK,   PKK and YPG have killd many mother fucker turkish army and police and they deserve death as we all see what they do with people !

  12. OK, first off, please excuse the language in this post, but this is absolute bullshit, not only do turkey commit genocide of more than 1,000,000 Aremenians, of which I believe this year is the 100th anniversary, but now they try and pull this shit and expect the world to just turn a blind eye.

    This is why Turkey, or more accurately, the Turkish government, will always be near the very top of my shit list, until such time as they take responsibility for their actions, those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

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