Hounding of Snowden must stop


Amnesty International met with US whistleblower Edward Snowden at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Friday 12 July 2013.


  1. My hat's off to Snowden. Not many ppl in this country think they have the right (nor are brave enough) to challenge their govt's policies. There wud have been no Snowden if this had been presented to American public in context of transparency.

  2. Yes I see a traitor who realy deserved to be executed.

    and Amnesty is not interested that Snowden lied and gave information to enemies of the U.S

  3. For the first time in my life, here's an Amnesty cause that I can't support… So if this guy blow his ex-peers undercover jobs, and ruins the anti terrorism intelligence jeopardizing the US security still doesn't deserve to be judge by the law? Sorry, call it however you want but this guy is just a mole!

  4. Then the law must be changed through legislative procedure. I think the U.S and its progressive system is far more credible than amnesty or Snowden

  5. DON'T SEE , DON'T HEAR, DON'T SAY Is ironic this was reserve for dictatorial regimens now is applicable in land of the "FREE" but undoubtedly the best policy in USA inflicting social paranoia, fear on its own citizens that is the new world order obey or face crucifixion God bless the Cataros

  6. Yes I see Manning being coddled and not being given the death penalty. I'd like to see him hang.

    You are too naive to believe they did this for altrustic reason. You probaly think Hitler, Khomehni and Pol Pot were misunderstood

    Go to school and learn something

  7. The united nations was with the syrian army that brought in heavy artillery too close to the Golan Heights and violated a united nations Peace treaty!!!
    What about the unlawful practice of russia and china against their own people?!!!
    What about the united nations siding with russia, china and syria in the final war?
    The u.n. divided the land as prophesied in Daniel chapter 11!!! They called the world together for the vote!!!
    Read Daniel chapter 11 today!

  8. what s the theatre about -I really wonder on US behavior – Snowden just tells what anybody knows – what is possible to do will be done eg spying on nonencrypted data – matters only how its used -when private people or companies hack for their advantages economically or stalking or or, then it is criminal – when states do it for defense – and all states do it as far as they are capable of – it is normal – Snowden just reminds to be more careful moving in public spaces facebook youtube mobile

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