How can they get away with this discrimination?


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Special thanks to the ERGO Network and Roma activists who contributed with their input and participated in the making of this video (

Roma across Europe face widespread and systematic discrimination. Governments are failing to tackle it effectively. Shouldn’t the EU intervene if the government’s won’t act? More than 93,000 activists – including Roma activists from communities and organizations from across Europe and beyond, joined Amnesty’s campaign “Human rights Here, Roma rights Now” calling on the European Commission to step in to end discrimination against Roma.


  1. Sie waren und sind es noch immer, Opfer wieder erwachender faschistischer Ideologien, totalitärer Regime in Europa. Die Demokratie steht hier auf sehr unsicheren Beinen.

  2. Thak you for poking this truth into our eyes again. There is Roman discrimination in Turkey as well, many are challenging the government for equal rights but their voices are not heard.
    The recent Gezipark proterst shouted out for democracy and equal rights for all and the protests are going on which I hope will lead to better conditions for any group suffering under discrimnation.

  3. A cordial greeting to all! I'm an Italian activist of Amnesty International. Could you kindly tell me the names of the activists who participated in the making of this video? Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Vice President Reding called Amnesty to petition each EU leader in every EU country. "Member States have to combat discrimination against Roma and act on the Commission's recommendations", the Vice President added. Check out your video replies on this video.

  5. Amnesty International…. the same credentials as Obama's Nobel prize. Spill your propaganda somewhere else and don't tell me the people that I've learned to fear are my friends.

  6. Eu nu ma bucur pentru ca nu evidentiaza faptul ca tiganii ne-au facut tara de rusine si orice roman educat ce stie 4 limbi, daca se duce in italia sau franta e catalogat drept hot sau bataus. Sa arda toate ciorile dale draq. Viseaza numa BMW-uri si manele.

  7. US soldiers don't have a problem calling the Afghans or Iraqis animals.
    People like you have no problem calling Bashar – al Assad an animal and a butcher.
    But if I call the people that influenced my life for more than 18 years in a bad way, have stolen from me and have made me live in fear animals is wrong?

    The blind ones are the animals. The ones that advocate human rights but don't respect sh*t. The ones that offer preferential treatment are animals.

  8. Roma, a few that confirm the norm.

    Most of them cling to stupid traditions like child marriage, honor crimes or tribal judgement which sometimes even include torture. No offense to Roma, but some of the prejudices are justified. I admire any Roma, or person that can transcend his/her condition but this ethnic group needs a wake up call.

  9. Thanks for your comment. Amnesty has been calling on govts to fight discrimination, segregation, forced evictions & violence against Roma for years. But govts across the EU & beyond are failing to protect Roma from discrimination, & in some cases even tolerate or promote it. Discrimination on the grounds of race & ethnicity violates EU law. That's why we expect the EU commission will guarantee the compliance of member states with EU anti-discrimination law & uphold human rights for all.

  10. …through networks of anonymous bank accounts will be funded: capital flight, systematic incitement, eviction, civil war, famine and pestilence! International conservation organizations unfortunately still refuse efficient decryption of these networks of global financial transactions, although there are now a lot of information about these criminal financial pyramids…

  11. I am a member of Amnesty International and I am STILL going to say this: when are you leaders of european countries going to FORCE roman people to assimilate? How is it accepted that romanis who c h o o s e to live outside of society form shadow societies? It is YOUR fault for listening to the politicly correct left. I´m sick and tired of only hearing half truths about discrimination, never, or rarely do we get to hear what was the cause of social friction between groups.

  12. So, I´m not gonna fall for propaganda movies this time. I say – either do things correct and have all people abide by the rules for everyone or forget that I´m gonna feel sympathy. We have created social security and formed authorities to help people and their children in need. Now if new groups enter society and don´t want to participate than there´s not much we can do about it. No more crocodile tears please, you can´t fool me anymore!

  13. Then, as a member of an association working for human rights, you should know that forced assimilation is an act of racism and not coherent with human rights law. As an European citizen, in addition, you are also a little bit uninformed, as what almost every Roma wants and many actually do is living inside the society.

  14. They need to ask why they are being discriminated. If other people are threating you a certain way there might be a reason for it. That being said I haven't heard a lot of good things from romans and videos don't lie. 

  15. They steal, don't pay taxes, are aggressive, refuse education , refuse to work…. where I am from they got houses from the government to live in , a few months later after they did not pay any electricity or gas , they sold the windows and dors and all they could sell and left them … yes please give them more . I am happy to work and pay taxes so that they can get social help and live well on it , and have apartments for free but while I have to work hard to pay a rent … and stile they are the ones persecuted and discriminated… 

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