Thousands of Syrians forgotten and stuck on the border


Since August-September 2012, when the Turkish government closed its borders to Syrian refugees, tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the war are stuck in sprawling makeshift camps along the border.

Close to six million Syrians have been displaced by the conflict in their country, which continues to cause more death and destruction every day. The vast majority — 4.25 million — of those forced from their homes are stuck in Syria. These internally displaced people (IDPs) are extremely vulnerable. Many IDPs are trapped in areas under the control of opposition forces, which are being relentlessly bombarded by government forces, and receive little or no international aid.


  1. Seeing this just makes my heart hurt! I really wish people were truly aware of what is going on in Syria. So many of us live secluded in our own lives that we forget that there are others out there in a much worst situation. My thoughts are truly with them!

  2. Yes yes yes… then go and call for supporting 'rebels' and terrorists!!! It takes so long to clear a city from those bastards, and they come in hundreds from other countries!!! To stop the war is to realize who is right!!! Showing few people, oh whatta nice show! One man in camp knows the whole situation? WAKE UP! Stop campaigning against syrian president, and stand on the right side! We all know some big amnesty fishes make hell lot of money from certain countries for blowing the fire against!

  3. it seems to me that turkey is a european country still and can ask for other countries to let these people in as well as they theireselves. just like other european countries welcomed turkish citizens in the past. lets help these people out, so no more countries get sucked into this internationally spreading conflict.

    PS ALL world leaders are incompetent, self concidered mis guiding people, who only thribe on the sweat of others. why do we listen to them still?

  4. those "bastards,, are woman and children to man.
    I can not imagine what war is like ( thank god)
    and i do not want to judge anyone,
    but dont lose your respect for human- life man.
    woman and children do not chose for this,
    i guess not many men chose this either.
    maybe one should ask him or herselve, what have we got to lose?
    power?land? life? or even wurse….
    not respecting life at all anymore yet still living it.
    i dont see how a president, a flag, a language, a border, ect is wearth that.

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