Roma evicted and pushed to the margins in Romania


The Romanian authorities betray thousands of their citizens through broken promises and total disregard of their right to adequate housing. Take action to end forced evictions in Romania, here –

‘Roma evicted and pushed to the margins in Romania’ presents the experiences of people pushed out from their homes, out of their neighbourhoods and communities at the peripheries of their cities.

The video features interviews with Claudia, Dusia and Rodica.

Claudia Greta, now in her late twenties, lived in Coastei Street in the western Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca since she was nine until 2010, when the city authorities forcibly evicted the entire neighbourhood. The residents were relocated to Pata Rât, an area on the outskirts of the city, known for its landfill and former chemical waste dump. A number of families were not provided with any alternative housing at all.

Rodica was one of around 500 people who resisted eviction from Craica, a settlement in the north-western city of Baia Mare in 2012. The municipality forcibly evicted half of the settlement and demolished their homes, resettling them at the edge of the city into disused buildings belonging to a former metallurgical factory, CUPROM.

Dusia has been evicted already three times in the last 10 years. In August 2012, together with other 500 Roma, she was forcibly evicted from Muncii Street and relocated to Valeni 2, an isolated area at the outskirts of the city, in inadequate housing conditions.

A forced eviction is an eviction which is takes place when the affected community is not provided with legal protections, such as genuine consultation, adequate notice, compensation, or adequate alternative housing. Forced evictions are illegal under international law.


  1. Amnesty International should get their facts right and report a balanced story. I was born and raised in on of the towns shown in the video. The so called "roma" comunity aka gypsies aka tigani are terrorizing the areas they live in. They shit and piss on the clean streets, they steal etc. I never met 1 single honest gypsy in over 20 years living there. I`ve been robbed and beaten in my own town in my own native country.

  2. (…) If a Romania wants to build a small shed in his own garden he has to pay countless taxes and planing permissions to do so …why should the gypsy community have the right to build stuff where ever they want?
    They have the same fkin rights and opportunities as any other Romanian citizen. If they want to , they can make it in life and prove to the nation they are not all parasites. They choose not to, stealing and begging from hard working ppl is easier.

  3. All over Europe they have given my beautiful country a bad name/reputation. When I see here in the UK a newspaper with the big title "Romanian thives in Britain" all I see is pictures of the gypsies begging and stealing and portray themselves as "romanians".
    There needs to be a better integration plan I agree.They already have some tools to do so in Romania (all the rights as anyone else & free school etc).You can lead a hours to the water but you can`t make him drink (or something like that)

  4. This is what they do when you put them into a nice clean place/community. This is what I have to read in the papers with the title "Romania"

  5. Sorry for you but matthew is speaking the truth and I support what he is saying. This is a treatment aimed at ending illegal occupation of public space. So move one and STFU. Si daca iti plac tiganii asa mult dute si traieste cu ei. Sunt mai mult decat sigur ca ai traint intr-un cartier bun si ai vazut tigani din cand in cand si nimic mai mult. Eu am trait intr-un cartier mai putin bun si am fost batut si jefuit de tigani asa ca nu le doresc decat o moarte in chinuri. pe sunet de manele.

  6. Can anyone please explain to me why i keep hearing the same mantra of "discriminated groups" over and over and over again? I´m not going to fall for it this time but i need you people of Romania and Bulgaria to be HEARD in this debate. I know for a fact that the romanis are different people BUT there is something they do that few other groups do. They choose to live outside of society, they let their children live in criminality and violence. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THAT AS A COUNTRY?!

  7. Tomorrow I am calling Amnesty to tell them to quit my membership. This was very badly handled by them and I can only understand this as a propaganda for a political purpose. Not a purpose of what is good for romani children, there´s another purpose that I can´t put my finger on right now. Meanwhile in Africa there are real conflicts that should be known to everyone in the world. Amnesty has no known information campaign on Congo. Very low of your organization.

  8. these people have nothing to lose and they are treated worse than a rat by everybody how could they not become criminal!?!
    seriously we need to overthink our minds and judge the news as well for the bad propaganda all the time! these people also have a right to live dont they!? you cant blame these people even tho thats always easiest way…

  9. Everybody watches these things then whines about the gypsies. I listen to those Romanians who tell of the gypsies theivery and such. I saw the BBC doc. on the gypsy child theives in GB. I heard the stories of traveling gypsy bands in America when I was a child. Look at all the trash they toss around "their homes". As much as I feel bad for them, I fully understand why everyone wants rid of them. They've done it to themselves, not society.

  10. On behalf of all the British born residents may i take this moment to welcome the 100,000 + of Romanians heading to live in the U.K. because of our dumb arsed Goverment failing to get us out of the E.U.  Please feel free to rip off the tax payers by claiming every penny you can along with the Bulgarians.

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