Turkish protesters want the Prime Minister to listen


Amnesty International Turkey researcher Andrew Gardner video blogs from Taksim Square Istanbul.


  1. My heart breaks for the people of Turkey. The PM is a hypocrite. He has stated, not too long ago, that he defends the people's right to protest. A couple days ago he makes a statement that the protesters should be hung from the trees! He needs to go.

  2. It started because Turkish police is way too brutal with people, and because the neoliberal ways of the government of privatising everything that is public and selling it off, which has left Istambul into a huge block of concrete with malls, factories and office buildings, at the expense of the destruction of historical parts of the city.

  3. Guys Tayyip Erdoğan wanted to destroy Gezi Park (with the trees!) only to make some stupid buildings, such as malls. And protesting  something is not a crime. And protesters are right. Its also Obama's fault, but thats not the thing. And please, if you can, help us to defeat Tayyip and be a better place.

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