Amnesty International Report 2013


Human rights know no borders. But Amnesty International’s 2013 report shows governments are using the excuse of ‘internal affairs’ in shameful attempts to block concerted international action to resolve human rights emergencies.

We help stop human rights abuses by mobilizing our members and supporters to put pressure on governments, armed groups, companies and intergovernmental bodies

There are many ways you can help us, including making a donation, joining Amnesty International and taking action. Visit out website here to find out more: http://


  1. The former Chancellor Helmut Schmid told in a Talkshow in German Television that Amnesty International is exegarating sometimes and was smoking like chimney.

  2. The two seconds at :51 is heartbreaking – a little girl in a pink coat *skipping* across the dirt. Children shouldn't have to live like that. They shouldn't have to worry about war or if their family will eat that day. They should only be worrying about whether to play kick ball or hide and seek.

  3. Cher Amnesty: pourquoi vous avaz supprimee  ou sensuree mon comment dans ce page? vraiment pourquoi cher amnesty? 
    qu est ce que vous defendez avec ce comportement?!! 
    il n y jamais le moindre mots blessant dans mes texts et mes ecritures, donc repondez a vous meme cette question: pourquoi vous avez sensuree mon comment? parce que j ai ecris que avec tous ces cieque de l'organisations dans le monde, vous vous donnez just un sens a votre vie? 
    sensurer le encore: les Organisations, n ont jamais resolu les problemes Humaine. C est Un fait irrevocable a constater. 
    malgree tant d'organisations qui sortent comme les champignons, les problemes Humaine Tamassent et augmentent plus en plus, non? 
    Changez vous vous meme et puis le monde changera. Basta. 

  4. It is disgusting that humans all over the world are treated in such deplorable ways. I have recently learned that our government in Canada has taken away AI's charitable organization status. This breaks my heart. A country so affluent should be helping people find freedom and safety. Basic human rights should never be traded for cheap goods.

  5. Guns wont stop africans from chopping each other up. Blacks don't need guns to be violent. Their genes do that. Amnesty International is one big leftist joke.

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