Human rights here, Roma rights now


Video to promote the campaign ‘Human rights here, Roma rights now’. The video includes footage from Roma communities in Romania, Czech Republic and Italy. It calls on the European commission to take stronger action to fight discrimination against Roma.


  1. Red s needs to learn more from real social sources and academia rather than the mass media and tabloid who try to place people in boxes. Yes some Roma do bad things as other communities do or are all our problems caused by one people… I think not.

  2. The hell with amnesty international! The way Europe and all the west have been trashed by multiculturalism they still arguing for it trying to make me feel sorry for the damn gypsys.

  3. I understand my country tries hard to integrate thr Roma minority, but has little succes even though they got free housing and little pressure.

    It's easier to not get homeless being a Roma, then when you're Dutch for instance.

  4. They're human too. they deserve everything we deserve. they should not be discriminated against. it doesn't matter what they did because every country has done horrible stuff and most of them aren't treated badly. these terrible acts need to end.

  5. Please Do nt worry u did nothing wrong (u r in minority & most people around u in the gov doesnt have the will to rehabilitate ROMA's in a proper way) .. all will be well sooner ! .. now world is getting aware of discrimination towards ROMAs (which was so hidden ) ..

  6. Why are europeans so racist? Roma have lived there for centuries. Obviously, if people are marginalized and not given opportunities, they will be forced to resort to thieving, etc. Don't tell me they had centuries to better themselves, because obviously they've been even more discriminated in the past than what's going on right now. 

  7. They don't work, they don't go to to school, they want us us to give them money to live on. here in Hungary they rob and kill us. Do not believe the ultraliberal propaganda.

  8. Today there are over 60 different Roma groups. The culture, language is different from group to group.  You could kill and hang Roma without trial in Europe until the 1800s! Racism against Roma people must end! Racism against Roma people must end! Roma Means Human! Music is central of human soul for greater universal communication! Romer has been changing and developing music more than Europe and the World knows. Flamenco, Riverdance, The Russian dance is Roma's traditionela dances! Elvis Presly was Roma. Jazz gittar culture is completely and all influenced by Django Reinfeldt. We are all Roma! Roma means human!  #ImRoma #UngaRomer

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