We did it! The Arms Trade Treaty is adopted


After long years of campaigning by Amnesty International and the civil society movement, most countries have agreed to adopt a global treaty that can prevent the flow of arms into countries where they will be used to commit atrocities.

The treaty also obligates all governmentsto assess the risk of transferring arms, ammunition or components to another country where they could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. Where that overriding risk is real and cannot be mitigated, states have agreed the transfer will not go forward.


  1. So… You support gun control? When does the control stop? You know man kills man more than any other killer. So… What will make you happy? At what point is control enough?

  2. The United States will not accept the Arms trade treaty. Our president may want it, but the Senate will not allow it. If they do allow it, there will be a 2nd Revolution. Either way, the U.S. will not sign the treaty.

  3. Wow! All the bad guys are gonna surrender all their weapons! Yeah fuckn right!! They will be the only ones with guns and big brother will run rampant on our constitution..

  4. The United Nations is the BIGGEST weapon of mass destruction ever created.This treaty is just more illegal tyranny that the globalists are trying to ram down our throats.Obama is currently their chief puppet,Bush before him.Goverments killed about 295 million of their own citizens during the last century.So,let's be good little sheeple and let them register our guns,so they know where to find them.Read Agenda 21,this arms treaty is a major step toward their goal of world domination.Wake up now

  5. No treaty will ever control firearms. Come and get them. If you think that another useless treaty will stop the violence you are dead wrong. if a country can get illegal drugs in there is no stopping guns from coming in. It is a great tool for dictators from having free counties give the oppressed people arms.

  6. Government controlling the trade of arms !! You guys are so naive ! I'm sorry to say this (and I say it respectfully because there are other issues that you are doing an awesome job at), but whether legally or illegally I will always have a gun, for my family's, my friends' and my own protection from these same Governments that you trust so much ! Because when us people don't have the means necessary to defend ourselves from our own governments we will all loose our status as human beings.

  7. In Rwanda, 1994, people of the Hutu "tribe" murdered approximately 500,000 people of the Tutsi "tribe". About a year prior to the genocide the Hutus imported 581,000 machetes. This was the weapon of choice for much of the killing because machetes were cheaper than guns.
    Will your UN Arms Trade Treaty cover machetes too?
    And yes, I have been to Rwanda.

  8. It'll stop some of the arms though. War mongering companies like bae won't be able to sell to certain countries but it won't stop the black market weapons

  9. stop selling drugs and start selling guns out of your trunk that is all this will do . criminals will have guns and law abiding americans won't. Well guess I will be a criminal. First time for everything.

  10. How about instead of making it fractionally more difficult to arm child soldiers in a very few places (at the expense of all of our rights to self defense) we do something real about the situations that cause child soldiers But Oh no that would actually fix something and if things got fixed what would we need government or charities for?
    You need to stop thinking that the people profiting from the violence around the world are going to let you stop the wealth they are extracting from those kids

  11. If Rowand had been able to get guns there would never had beed 800,00o people murdered there. The gun in my home put me in control of what is mine, not the criminal. I use the guns I have responsibly. I take my gun to the range and practice shooting it. To understand it's function and to keep it clean. I also learn to respect another person's right to bear arms by being around others that have the same God given right to all men and women. Long live the U.S.A. Constitution.

  12. If you want peace prepare for war while peace means reloading your guns. Dark times in the world for average citizens but everyone stock and be ready for anything. Good luck.

  13. "And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore." (Isaiah 2:4)

  14. You can't make the world better by turning those who for now choose not to have guns into defenseless victims. This only strengthens the armed aggressor's tactical position. You see… Regulating guns does nothing to regulate evil.

  15. Anyone who falls for UN propaganda needs a history lesson. Ever hear of napalm or vietnam? I bet those woman and children won't agree the UN has human rights in mind.

  16. Too bad this was not done before the genocide in Rwanda, it could have saved countless,, oh, wait, that was clubs and matchetes! I guess that hatred and injustice are the real problems, not some object…..

  17. You guys have some major un-freedom minded logic. Our president will dump 200,000 fully auto firearms to the Mexican cartel (fast and furious), tries to hide the fact that we are funding and arming Isis and Al Qaeda, and our president still wants to push towards a new world order disarming everybody. Gun-control is the first step to genocide, Mao, Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Stalin all took their peoples guns. Deaths one's own government is the leading cause of death in the world. The New World order wants to kill six .5 billion people so rest assured you are on that list. Fight this tooth and nail.

  18. HA HA YA Socialist Bastards.. It may have been adopted, but it wasn't ratified.. You want to disarm people.. Try starting with me! You're the worst people on earth for FREEDOM. If you don't like the way things are in America… Get the hell out of here! This is my country. I stood for it. You are just a waste of space who doesn't understand liberty must be defended by citizens. Keep up the great work.. Soon you'll have your Socialist Dictator and death squads out on the streets killing people. Idiots! Your mothers should have swallowed!

  19. And a camel fucker for an executive director… I guess you're tied to the Muslim Brotherhood? Maybe even all for the Islamic State? Screw you NAZI bastards! Damn you all to hell for your desire to harm Americans.

  20. And this will achieve…? Exactly, nothing. All this will add is another layer of bureaucracy, perhaps a couple more paperwork and a few more palms to grease but arms will still be sold wherever there's a buyer. When countries or other powerful interests want to sell & buy weapons, they will get what they want, where they want and when they want it. This treaty is only worth celebrating in a liberal's imaginary world.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, we know that nothing will change to the ever increasing value and quantities of arms that are made and sold every year. The only ones I feel sorry for are private gun owners whose personal information will now be accessible to their arms manufacturer (ie. if you buy Chinese guns, the CCP knows about you). I doubt genocides are gonna end in places like Africa, although to be fair, it may feature more machetes and less bullets. So I guess those poor sods can count themselves blessed to be offed by something other than a gun.

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