Only 4 days left to get a bullet proof Arms Trade Treaty!


Brian Wood and Alberto Estevez from the Amnesty International delegation to the UN Conference on the ATT give their views as negotiations enter the final week.


  1. So will this arms trade treaty be like normal and apply to every state other than the United States just like the law of the sea, the Geneva Convention and pre-emptive invasion.

    I am sure the treaty will insure China does not sell arms to Zimbabwe, or Pakistan, while preventing Russian arms sales in a proxy war situation like Syria.

    However, I hardly doubt the US will be prevented from selling arms to human rights abusers such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc.

  2. While giving a failing American economy, a needed boost, along with crushing other arms companies with trade restrictions.

    Should we not instead be aiming towards disarmament by placing restrictions on the manufacture of weapons.

    Like normal you overlook growing American militarization, and further help the American imperial ideology of global democratization and capitalization which caused atrocities such as Iraq, under the pretext of human rights promotion.

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