Chicago is Rising

342, Join ONE BILLION RISING CHICAGO at Daley Plaza 12 noon Valentine’s Day for a rally and performances, followed by a Daytime Dance Party at the River East Art Center, 435 E. Illinois. More details at

Produced by No Small Plans Productions
Director: Kristen Kaza
Producer: Kristen Kaza
Co-Producers: Laura Waleryszak, Alexis Jaworski
Camera Operators: Alex Shields, Mollie Nye, Greg Hinchman, Rick Cooke
Gaffer: Alex Shields
Editor: Alex Shields
Makeup: Matthew Jarrell and Natalia Gonzalez
Score: Bryan Curt Kostors
Lyrics: Psalm One

Featuring (in order):
K. Sujata (President/CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women)
Psalm One (Chicago performer)
Evan Caliento
Kathleen St. Louis (Executive Director, SPARK)
JC Brooks (Musician, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound)
Silvia Rivera (Managing Director, Vocalo radio)
Lakshmi Rengarajan (Founder, Me So Far)
Benny Gershman (Musician, Benny Nice)
Alison Cuddy (Host, WBEZ radio)
Molly Adams (Host, WBEZ & Vocalo radio)
Paul Kaza (Creative Director, Kaza Hagan Associates)
Sharmilli Majmudar (Executive Director, Rape Victim Advocates)
Val Capone (Roller derby player, Windy City Rollers)
Victor Saad (Founder, Leap Year Project)
Collin Del Cuore
Fen Del Cuore (Baby of Cheryl and Collin)
Cheryl Mann Del CuoreS (Photographer, Cheryl Mann Photography)
Erik Roldan (DJ/Host, Chances Dances)
Erin O’Neil (Founder, The Qu)
Senorita Slams (Roller derby player, Windy City Rollers)
Killanois (Roller derby player, Windy City Rollers)
Val Capone (Roller derby player, Windy City Rollers)
Stella Sabotage (Roller derby player, Windy City Rollers)
Dorie Silverman (Host, Fabulous Ladies of Fitness – FLOF)
Jenny Boeder (Host, Fabulous Ladies of Fitness – FLOF)
Brittani Jordan (Alumni, A Long Walk Home)
Dyamond Houston (Alumni, A Long Walk Home)
Kristen Kaza (Events Producer, One Billion Rising)
Laura Waleryszak (Campaigns Manager, One Billion Rising)
Alexis Jaworski (Marketing Director, River North Dance)
Mollie Nye (Freelance camera assistant)
Fluffy (Performer with Psalm One)
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Thank yous: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Odd Machine/Rural Studios, Scott Behrens, Blair Holmes, Ky Dickens, Leslie Combs, Alec Pinkston, Elizabeth Harper,


  1. Let's look at the assumptions behind this video.  They seem to think that there is some ambiguity in American culture that portrays violence against women as acceptable.  Of course American culture never portrays violence against women as acceptable, while it very frequently protrays violence against men as acceptable – especially if it is perpetrated by women.  

    They seem to think that another public denunciation of violence against women will convince the minority of men who physically abuse women to stop doing so.  (Of course they don't bother mentioning that roughly the same number of women physically abuse men as vice-versa – that's because they privilege women over men as being more entitled to human sympathy and decency.)  

    In other words, the implicit assumption (subtley delivered) is the same utterly absurd feminist lie that we've heard over and over – that men engage in partiarchy and even if they don't do violence to women themselves they conive in a system which uses violence as a systematic tool to dispossess women.  

    This video is contempible and the makers should be ashamed of themselves.  Why not do a video on the primary victims of violence?  Because men are the primary victims and they don't care about men, they care about only women because they're self-obsessed sexist assholes.

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