Jalila’s urgent call to you…


On 21 October an appeal court upheld the guilty verdict against Mahdi and Jalila but reduced their prison sentences to five years and six months respectively.Take action: http://bit.ly/Q6o90o

We need you to continue putting pressure on the Bahraini authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Mahdi, as a prisoner of conscience, and ensure that Jalila does not serve any of her remaining sentence.

Torture 0:30
Forced confession 1:22
Jalila’s call 1:35

This is a recording of a Skype conversation with Jalila al-Salman.
On 21 October a Bahrain Appeal Court will hand down its verdict on her three year sentence.If it’s upheld and she is arrested, she will become a prisoner of conscience. This video could be her last direct call to you…


  1. Why doesn't a person look for help or chase the lifestyle they want before being made a marter of? From the information given, how can a party be right or wrong. Yes torture is a very serious thing, but what is the story behind it. What is the point of this Muslim woman crying injustice with out any facts. Is it just another ploy for sympathy for women in a berk a?

  2. I think the comment who wonders why this oppressed professional woman is "crying injustice" should take a look in the mirror. Saying torture is a "serious thing" but then going on to justify it in some way by saying what is "the story behind it" in other words what has this "woman" done. You should stop to think for a moment…no torture can be accepted anywhere. No non zilch. And don't get me started on open accountable separate justice and the courts.

  3. Paul, the reason for her arrest is in the video; it's for calling for a teachers strike to protest the harsh crushing of the protest movement against the Bahrain dictator. All she says is true and was proved by the National Committee of Inquiry appointed by king.

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