World Day Against the Death Penalty 2012



  1. Because if "there is the chance, how ever minute it may be, you could kill an innocent person should make you want to abolish the death penalty", then why stop at the death penalty? Abortion involves an innocent victim every time. And our armed cops have form for killing innocent people, too.

  2. Abortion is very different. Up to certain stage, embryos don't have a nervous system developed enough to feel pain, for example. At what point are they developed enough to call them persons? Will it suffer after birth, etc. Those are hard questions with no black or white answers.

    If armed cops are going to shoot an innocent person posing no kind of threat there will be held accountable for assault or murder. To minimize the chance of accidents, non-lethal weapons were introduced.

  3. "Non-lethal weapons" (e g, tasers) are available but weren't used on Jean Charles de Menezes and Mark Duggan. They're both very dead. Abortion does raise hard (and hence inconvenient) questions, as you rightly state, hence people shy away from comparisons. Personally I think it's all about emotional attachment to the victim.

  4. Death Penalty is the only punishment in the world that 0% of convicted kill again.
    It's the punishment that most pleases the victim families.
    It's not necessarily deterrent, but is the affirmation of the sancty of life of the innocents.
    It's simbolically powerful, the State say what crime is not tolerated.

    In cases of murder where the evidence and proof are strong the Death Penalty should be used worldwide.

  5. Exactly. I am comparing a zygote or embryo that is only a few weeks old to a tumour because there is no reason, objectively – even if it sounds crual – to give more value to one than to the other as they both comprise of living cells. I´m not saying you can´t have an emotional attachment to a very young embryo that will be your child, but if you abort it, it means you have reasons unfortunately more important than emotional attachment. I understand why people are against abortion but (..)

  6. (…) but the sad reality is that women will do it anyway. It´s not even a question whether it´s good or bad, but if abortion is illegal, that means women who want to abort are going to do it themselves without professional help. This can be very dangerous for them, especially if they are poor and live in unhygienic conditions. Do you see my point? I think it is cruel that abortion is legal for example until 22 weeks (!!!) here in the Netherlands, or even 12 weeks in France and Germany (…)

  7. (…) If it were up to me I would put the limit even earlier, except in special cases such as a foetus that has a genetic disease that will make him suffer or die in his first year or in cases of rape.
    Now that is my opinion and I hope you understand I am not crually claiming "we have the right to kill babies" but that I have thought about it and stated conditions.

  8. Precisely. Executing (killing) your father does not bring back your mother. Nor does it heal you in any way at all. It is simply just ending another life. If you wish death upon your father, then you are no better than your father or his actions.

  9. This reminds me of that gory mexican beheading video. Think about it atleast 5% of the 600 people got beheaded and I know I'm way to young to see that video. It's too gory. Just search it up on the internet.

  10. Anyone against the death penalty for the most horrific crimes simply needs to have some of those crimes committed against their families. Wonder how fast their bleeding-heart pussy stance on the issue would change. In most Middle-Eastern countries the death penalty has little merit in a lot of cases; but in America a lot of horrible criminals need to be killed in front of victims' families because they deserve it.

  11. In most Euro countries there's not only a lack of the penalty, but they let serial killers and/or rapists out on parole after 15 years. Smart. South America let a guy who raped and murdered more than 300 little boys out after 30 years, only for him to go on to keep doing it. What is the world coming to? All you anti-death penalty people are just pussies.

  12. To bad so many places no longer have the death penalty. I think the death penalty should be used only for murderers. If someone willingly takes someone elses life, they deserve to die.

  13. Please, could you all sign this petition for my friend sitting on death row, they plan to execute him next March even though he is innocent and never got a fair trial, we need as many people as possible to sign it to try and get him a new trial when all evidences could be shown

  14. Hm, oppose the death penalty under all cases huh, well before you be considerate for those cold people on death row, remember the one before the punishment who suffered a crime that a stupid person committed

  15. Justice died when we started to believe bullshit like this. The main point of penalty is to PUNISH and to give satisfaction to victims and their families and loved ones. Death penalty is a just punishment for murder. Period.

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