Welcome to V-Day 2013 from Eve Ensler


Now sign up to hold an event as part of V-Day’s 2013 season. Go to vspot.vday.org to get started.


  1. I'm assistant directing this years performance at Ball State University. Thank you Eve! The world is changing for the better because of this performance. All our thanks starts with you for giving these women a voice.

  2. Hi Eve,
    My name is Mike Caron, President of M&S Public Relations, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love what you are doing and I hope that this campaign grows in popularity because this Global problem has been ignored much to long. I am hoping that I can get in touch with Marvin Jones for future events as I have just learned of this program and it is much too late to do anything this year.

  3. Cant wait to dance for every woman – you are totally a wonderfully creative and inspiring and courageous woman and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    One rising here in Melbourne, Australia!

  4. I will be drumming on Thursday at 7 pm for V Day.. Events in NYC… I lived in Africa a land where women dance and have freedom to express their passion for live and we all need to DANCE we need to DANCE for freedom and dance for honesty and dance to end the VIOLENCE. and dance so that we can heal the repressed emotions that are frozen in fear of being treated with violence.. Women need to also treat one another with LOVE and acceptance.. We All need MOTHER.. and we all need LOVE…

  5. Violence is physical and violence is also psychic and emotional.. and we all deserve to dance.. for Life and freedom..
    Dance is one way and a very powerful way to heal and resolve the repression of emotions.. rage can move through us.. with DANCE.. and we can come back to life through DANCE.. in America.. Africa.. and India.. and Asia..

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