Civilians bear the brunt as battle for Aleppo rages


During a 10-day fact-finding visit to Aleppo city in the first half of August 2012, Amnesty International investigated some 30 attacks in which more than 80 civilians who were not directly participating in hostilities were killed and many more were injured. In the overwhelming majority of cases the victims were killed or injured in attacks by government forces that violated international humanitarian law (IHL). Some attacks were indiscriminate; some appear to have been direct attacks on civilians or civilian objects. In some cases, the source of the attack could not be established.

This video contains footage from the fact-finding visit filmed by Donatella Rovera, as well as an interview with Donatella about her experiences and what the footage shows.


  1. Amnesty only cover this because it is in their interests. Amnesty is compromised and has been since the child murders in south america by the catholic church through human drug testing. the church takes in the victims of the international child sex trade and give them medication to gag them the side affects were that the children would eat all of their fingers and in some cases half of the hand. some of these images are with the Paris/Brasil Match south America edition between 1984 and 1986

  2. Gang Bashar al-Assad to kill and slaughter children and women and bombed houses on the heads of their inhabitants and Saket psychedelic world asleep what is happening to the Syrians —- talk about human rights any human rights even animal rights did not see the side of the Syrian people

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