Libyan militias are spiralling out of control


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During a visit to Libya in May and June, Amnesty International found that hundreds of armed militias continue to act above the law, many refusing to disarm or join the national army or police force. The Ministry of Interior told the organization that it has been able to dismantle four militias in Tripoli, a tiny proportion of the total number.

In a new report ‘Libya: rule of law or rule of militias?’, the organization says that nearly a year after Tripoli fell to the revolutionary fighters (thuwwar), ongoing violations — including arbitrary arrests and detention, torture including to death, impunity for unlawful killings and forcible displacement — are casting a shadow over the country’s first national elections since the fall of al-Gaddafi’s regime.


  1. wasn't that clear? Fuck those civil-wars… its just the other way to make profit through weapon deals and mineral rights.

    DemocracyBombers – Be part of the hard.

  2. Libyans merit this perfectly ; the new libya dream was a big lie ,it was your lie
    to yourselves inspired by the NATO-neocolonlism to controle your petrole ; Arabs will stay
    stupid for long time ;; R.I.P. kadaffi ,your people did not merit you.

  3. Divide and rule is the key to securing oil in the middle east. Libya and Iraq are prime examples of this. Amnesty International is a pawn in this game.

  4. What can you expect of people who WANT their country attacked from the outside, who WANT the CIA to help them? I never could understand hoiw anybody who had been watching politics and world events for even a year, could want the CIA in their midst.

  5. Gaddafi did a lot of good for the people, built a lot of infrastucture, but showed his dark side at the end. I admired him, until the end (I'm american).
    Militas is not the way to go in the long run.

  6. I know more about Gadaffi and Libya than you ever will!
    G was greening the desert, harvesting the petro and lost a child to Reagan, but when he turned on his own people, I turned my back on him!

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