Amnesty awards Aung San Suu Kyi


After more than 20 years of house arrest in Myanmar, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was finally able to travel to Dublin to receive Amnety International’s highest honour, the Ambassador of Conscience Award. Amnesty’s Secretary General, Salil Shetty, was in Ireland to give the award along with other notable attendees.


  1. Wonderful woman. She's made some hard hard choices, choices I'm sure I could never make. I hope her sons understand her choices and forgives her as well. She's a hero and a hero walks a difficult path.

  2. Bono just cant keep away from the spotlight, can he? Has to be there with his victory sign hogging this wonderful moment,. Suu Kyis genuine charisma,, humility, and bullshitter radar only serve to show up what a media hungry whore Bono is. And i used to love this guy…when I was very very young and idealistic.

  3. Bono has done a wonderful job campaigning for burma. He has opened up a few of his concerts to US campaign for burma so we, supporters, can spread the words about our plight. He deserves every bit of the chance to meet the woman he stood behind while she was under house arrest. What have you done for us that makes you feel you can criticize someone?

  4. I have done nothing for Suu Kyis cause, though I am ofcourse happy she is free to be Burmas next Leader. On another site Bono plugged U2 3 times in 2 minutes while being interviewed about AS Suu Kyi. It was ugly to listen to, as if he and U2 were the! instruments for her release, instead of her silent unsung heroines & heroes on the front line. At this stage he should have excercised some humility and withdrew into the background like many others: Suu Kyi is more than capable of holding her own.

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