Routine repression in Cuba


Harassment and detention of political dissidents, human rights activists, journalists and bloggers across Cuba has risen sharply over the past 24 months.

This short news video features Javier Zuniga, Amnesty International Cuba Expert. He reveals new tactics by the Cuban authorities to punish individuals seen as opposed to the regime.


  1. Amnesty and HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH are war mongering tools of the US state department to promote their "humanitarian wars".

    Recently AMNESTY USA got a new boss fresh from the US state department – she worked on fake UN resolutions and has been hired directly from her former job at Human rights watch.

  2. US embassy in Cuba permanently hires dissidents for their dirty anti-Cuban propaganda ! They are not charged for having a different opinion, but for working for money for enemies of the country.
    USA has a big history of sabotage and attacks and destruction in Cuba – with the help of such US paid criminal enemies of Cuba.

    AMNESTY wants to avoid their criminal trials. AMNESTY is protecting criminals !

  3. What we have in Cuba is not Communism or Socialism. It is a Mafia style dictatorship by two brothers and their well protected cronies. Unfortunately it will not change until all these folks grow old and die.
    Then we might see a gradual change. I am afraid by then Cuba will be another Haiti, too far gone.

  4. You are not being truthful. CUBA is on the worlds TERROR list. THe Cuban 5 where spies that came to USA to spy on Americans. No country allows this type of action. Just imagine what CUBA would do if 5 CIA agents were in CUBA spying on Cubans. You are part of the problem. USA is a the best n the world. Not perfect but better than all others. FACT.

  5. Cuba is no dictatorship at all. The people do rule and have much more democratic rights than our (only formal) rights. E.g. people they are electing can at any time – by democratic decisions – withdrawn.
    But the most important: There are no capitalists! This means no big money to buy the politicians, the media and mind of the people.
    Real democracy in capitalist countries is impossible !

  6. Sorry, media did fool you:
    Human rights watch and also Amnesty are war & anticommunist propaganda tools of US government.

    Just recently the new chief of AMNESTY USA Mrs. Suzanne Nossel, came directly from the state department – guess were she came from before she was hired by state department !
    SHE CAME FROM Human Rights Watch !!
    They are no NGOs, the are government owned organisations GONGOs.
    – preparing the US Army's "humanitarian wars".

  7. proof of what I wrote before:

  8. Wrong – Cubanstate is made by the people. and when you are there you can see it in daily life.

    I e.g. saw: People/workers of a factory are using "their" people-owned lorry to go to the beach after work – impossible in capitalism.
    At a balcony of large luxury flats in beautiful old houses I saw a black family living in with underwear of children on the balcony and using stacked double beds for the children in order to use the wasted space of the very high luxuary rooms.

  9. Complete nonsense ! I just before (above) that it was a black family with many children who lived in the old luxuary flats of Havanna !

    If Castro needs to live in a special house, than this is caused by USA who tried hundreds of times to kill him ! A proofed fact, even by de-classified US government papers.

  10. It is known that Cuban exiles, the dogs of the former cuban dictator, prepared many sabottage actions in Cuba, even the missed invasion in the Bay of Pigs – so it is DEFENSE when they are checking what they do.
    When CIA agents are captured in Cuba, hypocrite US media is crying "poor supressed disidents" or "freedom seeking Cubans".
    Cheap dirty propaganda – nothing else.

  11. Socialism is fair and does work excellently – despite US blockage. Capitalism does not work at all, creates idiots, perverts, killers for worldwide permanent wars, creates hate between people and will destroy the planet.
    E.g 100.000 Syrian deaths + 2millons of refugees: 08oo.wordpressDOTcom

  12. It is your character that creates such phantasies. Castro has no interest at all in luxury. Does he have designer suits? No – a T-shirt and things like this. He still today works for his country and and against the brutal massacres USA war lords provide day by day, year by year worldwide – see for your self the "Reflections of Fidel" at

  13. Not ALL CUBAN EXILES. But the same cannot be said about CUBAN SPIES. Everyone loves blaming the USA. Its tough being the best country in the world. Other less talented countries are always jealous. Just like yours. Someday your people will be as civilized as the USA.

  14. Unbelievable such an answer ! Jealous?? Frankly – I am not interested being attached with this country of fat retard, brainwashed nation of perverted mass murderers, rapists and lying hypocritical torturers. This is not an emotional statement, I refer to facts. – which you do not even know obviously. check just one sample that shows how much you have been fooled by media – in case of the Syrian story:

  15. Exactly how can you claim the USA is the best in the world AND admit rather blandly that CIA agents spy?? Do you know the CIA record – it most certainly is NOT "better than all others."

  16. Socialism has to be repressive in order to implement its extremely egalitarian policy. As Marx and Engels write at the end of chapter 2 in the Communist Manifesto: "the proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest all capital from the bourgeoisie and to centralise all instruments of production in the hands of the State. (…) this of course can only be effected by despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production".

  17. they knew perfectly well that only a dictatorship ("of the proletariate") can implement such a "despotic" policy and it is therefore not surprising at all that all Communist/Socialist states in this world needed some form of dictatorial government that would have the power to achieve Marxist goals and deprive people of their power and money.

  18. Hate to break it to you, but the majority of Cubans know "human rights" is code for reversal of all their gains of the Cuban Revolution and the implementation of a mafia government that bows to the Vatican.

  19. Soon these western NGO propaganda bitches will be kicked out of country after  USA collapse . Amnesty assholes first take care of your own police brutality in west lol

  20. It's funny that Amnesty International and the US criticize Cuba for human rights abuses but did not look at the human rights abuses that the US commit. Baltimore protest, police shooting and killing innocent civilians, jailing people who break windows for life, Ferguson protest, two party system, supreme court judges that are not elected, etc. Too much human rights judgement USA yet you commit human rights violation.


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