Fleeing War, Finding Misery


Half a million Afghans who fled fighting have been abandoned to starvation and death as they subsist in makeshift shelters.

A new Amnesty International report, ‘Fleeing war, finding misery: The plight of the internally displaced in Afghanistan’, highlights how an escalation in fighting has left half a million Afghans internally displaced with around 400 more joining their ranks every single day.

Kabul alone houses up to 35,000 displaced persons in 30 slum areas around the city.

Thousands of people are finding themselves living in freezing, cramped conditions and on the brink of starvation, while the Afghan government is not only looking the other way but even preventing help from reaching them.


  1. Strange , no comments about the plight of the Afghan people?
    I was under the impression the US government had a great deal of concern and interest for their well being.
    A smokescreen to wage war,when in reality the only concern the US has is a pipeline to the Gulf of Oman.
    This war machine will trample anyone in it's way.
    Human life has little value if they're not somehow tied to the monetary system.
    I am sad to see this suffering without getting publicity.
    War must be more important than life.

  2. it would be very easy to give people like this help.. the issue is the Afgan government doesn't give a shit about their citizens. And other governments around the world don't see any $ profit to be had helping such people. and so more people starve and go thirsty while we piss and shit in clean water and stuff our faces with big macs.. That is what is really disturbing, the gluttony and selfishness of humanity. We need to start sharing resources freely, and live as one world not separate nations

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