Support a Bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty


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Did you know that every year enough bullets are made to kill every person on this planet … twice?

And that eight million new guns are manufactured to fire them? The arms trade is a booming and deadly business. But it’s also an industry which is not globally regulated.

It’s true that there are UN arms embargoes on some countries — for example Libya and Somalia — which ought to be respected. But they’re normally set up after massive human rights abuses fuelled by weapons have already been committed. There’s nothing in place on a global scale to prevent these kinds of abuses happening in the first place.

This means that guns, grenades and all sorts of weapons are regularly being exported to places where they may be used for the worst kind of human rights abuses. We saw last year how weapons were being successfully transported to countries in the Middle East and North Africa just before the violence there intensified, despite those countries being flagged as ones which stood a real risk of committing human rights violations against its own people.


  1. If you're so worried about human rights, think about how this illegal treaty (created by unelected officials) will destroy the human right of self defense!

  2. Self-defence would have not been needed if it was difficult for people trying to harm you to get weapons in the first place – via arms trade treaty. Why do you think there has been an increase of homicides in the States recently? Because of the self-defence laws that has been introduced in 2005.

    Only reason why America wants you to buy guns, so that their rich friends who are in the arms industry could make money. Please, try to think beyond your intellectual capabilities.

  3. Yes, in some ways they are heavily influenced by powerful states. Unfortunately, we have to work with them in order to make the changes that we want.

    Some kind of global revolution is not possible. That is a fact.

  4. So you're saying that law abiding American citizens are the reason for your so called "increase in homicides?" We do make it hard for harmful people to get weapons but I would rather some dangerous people have some weapons and Many law abiding people have self protection means than lawful people having nothing. Don't like guns Lefty? Don't carry one! Me? I like knowing that when seconds count, I don't have to rely on police that are only minutes away.

  5. LOL your intellectual capabilities are limited and you can't think beyond the box that was created for you by the society.

    No, the reason why there is an increase of crime because it is so easy for anyone, including criminals, to get guns. And an increase in guns will increase in homicides.

    In countries where there is gun control, of course, criminals are still able to get them; but, it is that much harder to obtain it because the government controls it. Therefore, less homicides with guns.

  6. My intellectual capabilities are not what we're talking about. I'm a doctor, you idiot. And it's funny that you mention a box created by society when your arbitrary attacks on personal firearms are rooted heavily in governmental and socialist control. Less guns for the honest man will increase the number of honest victims. The mere thought of anyone carrying a sidearm is a deterrent to the average bad guy! Taking guns away didn't work so well in the late 30's in Germany. Look it up genius.

  7. Amen brother. The supreme court of the United States has already ruled the government is not legally required to protect you. Besides, your gun doesn't make you a killer any more than a fork makes someone fat. It's nice to hear a Dr. who understands the oath he took to preserve human life included his own.

  8. Look at how well strict gun control has worked in Mexico. Bad guys will still get guns and leave the good guys defenseless. One of the safest countries in the world is Switzerland where almost everyone has rifle.

  9. Increase in homicides in the US? I would like to know where you got that from. We are at a near 40yr low in violent deaths. By the way, can you show me ANY study published in a criminology journal illustrating reduced rates of violent deaths following gun control? Or are you assuming gun control reduces deaths because guns are big and scary? You are telling others to think. Maybe you should too.

  10. …there haven't been an increase of homicides in the United States. Homicide rates have been steadily declining, and are at their lowest since 1964. The overall crime rates are following a similar trend as well, being at their lowest since '68 and being less than 1/2 that of nations like Canada and England.

    Many crimes (robbery?) generally require weapons of some sort weapon or at least the threat of physical violence…you know, or else the victim wouldn't really be motivated to comply.

  11. (cont.) And self-defense laws are much more reasonable in the US than in the UK or Canada. You can use force if someone commits a crime and attacks you with their fists or feet, a knife, a rod, or a crowbar. If they break into your house in the middle of the night, you have the right to use lethal force, even if they're unarmed, because you don't know their intentions. In the UK, you can get sued if the poor criminal gets hurt in the act, even if your window hurts them while they're breaking in.

  12. (cont again) Plus, a lot of the homicides are just gang-on-gang murders…which the police and the rest of society are largely ok with — it's just one less gang member on the streets. Police don't have to deal with dead gang members, citizens can't be victimized by dead gang members, and taxpayers don't have to pay for the incarceration of a dead gang member.

  13. Only a left wing socialist could have come up with such biased crap. It mentioned USA & UK selling weapons and ammo. What a joke when I look at the global conflicts I see mainly Russian and Chinese weapons. Gun control and treaties only serve to disarm the law abiding.
    Tyrants and criminals love gun control because they are the one's who want to have guns and not those they wish to oppress. U.N are criminals who back tyrants and meddle with the sovereignty of countries. U.N go to hell.

  14. your comment is so stupid, I thought it was just satire…
    You seem to think that criminals obey laws and wont get their weapons from illegal sources.

    according to only SHOWING a gun stops 547 rapes/day, 1024homicides/ day and 1M robberies; ussing a gun stops 12-16M violent crimes a day. and 70% of gun homicides are DEFENSIVE under US law.

    what's more effective in terms of protecting your daughter from a rapist? a cell phone? or a GUN?

    get out of your socialist utopia and get real

  15. Seriously? If you cannot stop petty criminals getting guns how the fuck do you think you are going to stop governments and terrorists getting arms? Heck most of the make themselves.

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