Planning for an Arms Trade Treaty – Day 1


Amnesty International’s Verity Coyle reporting from New York on the first days progress at the 4th Preparatory Committee for a Global Arms Trade Treaty at the UN Headquarters.


  1. @necox5 vive la france? for what? for giving these racist rapist islamic thugs in libya weapons and setting the con fire for oil in preparation of abargo on iran? this is the wrong pe to write vive la france or vive any permatnent UN security council member

  2. @necox5 oui je parle francais. je pense que c est une mauvaise maniere de celebrer la france que d oublier qu elle arme des dictateur, des bandits et que d ailleur elle n est pas la seule a le faire mais," vive la france" quand on gagne un match de foot sans la main d henry ok.mais quand on parle de mettre fin au commerce d armemen ou de stopper les arme nucleaire, là" vive la france" c est mal placé

  3. @asrafoo I think you miss-understood my "Vive la France" :). I was saying hurray for us, and all humans and countries, that are involved with making more and better peace, a better future etc. And as always Europe are in the front lines making good treaties for peace and prosperity. That is what my Vive la France was saying 🙂
    But specially for you I will change and say Vive la Europe instead:) or maybe Vive la Peace:) Also I'm from Sweden, I have no affiliation with the pesky French 😉

  4. @necox5 and i was saying france is making a living of selling weapons just like any member of the security council+ can't say vive them because they are the main obstacle to a comprehensive treaty and it will only become a way for them to control who can defend him self against their imperialism.

  5. @asrafoo Well it seems then that we are on opposing sides of a cultural and geographical divide 🙂
    I am born and bred in Europe and I like the side I'm on. They have provided security and prosperity for me for many years. So you should try not to judge all of the millions of people on account of the few. I bet there are a lot of bad people in Africa too. That have been fighting tribal wars for centuries. Thank you for you remarks though. I will keep them in my mind for future reference.

  6. @necox5 you jump to conclusions fast .I was born in france and grew up in germany.I ve also been in africa and i know the consequences of french foreign policy on these is nice for you to adore your way of life but i refuse it to be at the expense of other can keep your border line racism and arrogance for your self.I am a member of an organization that does something to help people.what about you?I have the right criticize france and I hope well change our ways.

  7. @asrafoo Well I wasn't jumping to conclusions. Your profile says you are from Chad. Hence I took you word for it.
    I am also a member of many organizations that help people, and I donate money to even more organisations. On top of that I have dedicated my life, through my profession, to help others and make this world a better place.
    Still, I feel Europe has the best solution out there, to date. Sure we can improve, and I support that. But in contrast to you, I do it in a non confrontational way.

  8. @asrafoo Look back at your first comment and notice how aggressive and racist that was. You need to have a more balanced approach, not a fundamentalist/black panther approach.
    These imperial UN countries you blame, have on the other side of the coin brought prosperity, education, civilized society, and peace to countless of millions of people. If we change history we all might still be in a brutal darken age.
    What's done is done. Lets work for a better future in a civilized and peaceful manner.

  9. this is not a report about wine or haute couture . why you say vive la france? frances contribution to arms proliferation isn't good at all.

  10. I would like to see where these leftists get their information from! Human rights, human rights…Bullshit! The U.N. wants to take your human rights away by means of international coersion. What about the human right to defend oneself? Idiots.

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