Meredith Alexander on resigning from the Olympics Commission


Meredith Alexander resigns from the Commission for Sustainable London 2012 – in protest at decision to allow Dow Chemicals to be a sponsor when they are still to resolve the legacy of the Bhopal disaster.


  1. Not only were Dow Chemicals involved in the Bhopal Disaster, but also in Operation Ranch Hand. They helped create Agent Orange and other defoliants that let millions dead and hundreds of thousands suffering from chemical burns and other defects. Please sign my petition if you think Dow Chemicals, and other chemical corporation who agree with its ethics, or lack thereof, need to be punished:

  2. For example, the sponsorship of the paralympics by ATOS, a french

    company sponsored by the UK Gov to harass disabled people and

    deny genuinely disabled people an income. What is amnesty

    internationals position on this? There have been a number of

    deaths reported after ATOS visits.

    As SACTU (the South African Congress of Trade Unions) says " an

    injury to one is an injury to all"

  3. Many torture victims end up with lifelong physical impairments

    due to the way they have been treated. They then have to suffer

    the same denial of their Human Rights as other people disabled by

    society adding further pain to their lifes experience.

  4. I am pleased that this matter is aired.

    However, I seriously question amnesty international and `The

    Human Rights` they claim to represent. I have never seen anything

    in their publicity about the human rights of people disabled by

    society. Although, throughout the world, people with physical,

    sensory and learning difficulties are some of the most oppressed

    groups who are systematically denied their human rights by

    government policies and who mainly live in poverty.

  5. @yourcamden Couldn't determine where exactly you are from but I disagree. In a perfect world everyone would be completely empathetic towards others rights. From my personal experience I campaign (through Amnesty and privately) for the rights for those who suffer a disability, what do you do?

  6. If this happened in a first world nation the outcome would have been different. To paraphrase Orwell "All humans are equal, just some are more equal than others".

  7. Bhopal was a hunam rights and environmental disaster made worse by Union Carbide's decision to not release details of the composition of the products that people were exposed to. This deepened the tragedy… I applaud Amnesty International for bringing this back on to people's Agenda's and also Meredith for her approach to this issue.

  8. Nelson Mandela when on trial for his life stated as a black man he was disabled by apartheid. Of course all British women were disabled until women got the vote and the equal pay Act became law. All women in Saudi Arabia are still disabled today.

    Likewise the vast majority of people with physical impairments or those with learning difficulties around the world are denied their Human Rights.

  9. I use the word 'disability' in its' true sense 'Dis' (Greek) meaning 'apart from' and 'ability' (Latin) meaning 'legal ability' as used by Lord Macaulay in his essay titled
    'The disabilities of the Jews' when he was campaigning for the Right of Jewish men to have the vote, or the British laws known as 'Disabling Acts' against Irish Catholic men who were denied the Right to vote or hold public Office in the 17th century.

  10. Meredith you are a hero. Thanks for taking a stand and speaking your mind.

    To any who are interested, video footage and commentary from my visit to the Bhopal sites in April 2011 is also on line, see my channel. Please share the link and encourage more people to talk about these issues. Happy to share the footage with those that can use it. AndyGreenT.

  11. That's not what I was saying. I'm saying Dow Chemicals are a bunch of nasty individuals who prioritise money over the welfare of their clients/innocent bystanders.

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