The True Tragedy: Bodo Oil Spills


In August and December 2008, two major oil spills disrupted the lives of the 69,000 or so people living in Bodo, a town in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta. Both spills continued for weeks before they were stopped. Three years on, the prolonged failure of the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, to clean up the oil that was spilled, continues to have catastrophic consequences for the Bodo community.


  1. this is much more than the oil spill in the GOLF of mexico but who cares ….it is africa no one cares:: AND WHEN THIS PEOPLE START A FIGHT AGAINST SHELL IT WOULD BE ALL OVER CNN ….they don´t understand what this people are going through …very sad and cold world

  2. @shotsky94 There's an easy fix for that. Shell shouldn't drill for oil there. Both problems solved. Shell doesn't get shook down by the militants and the people would have their beautiful environment that they need to survive. I noticed that none of the people in the film worked for Shell, they lived off the land. SMHIS @ Shell not even hiring the locals.

  3. yes and they are styarting again.. US and other countries..why do they let us back..because they are desperate..and ignorant because of poverty and money.. they die of starvation.. love and prayers to them all.. fuk the greedy ones..

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