Police criminality endemic in Ukraine


The Ukrainian authorities must act immediately to deal with endemic police criminality, widespread torture, extortion, and arbitrary detention.

The Amnesty International report, No evidence of a crime: Paying the price for police impunity in Ukraine, reveals how police are rarely punished for these crimes because of high levels of corruption, non-existent or flawed investigations, harassment and intimidation of complainants, and a low level of prosecutions for such crimes.

“Twenty years after the demise of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian police are still serving the state instead of the public. Ordinary Ukrainians are paying the price, many of whom have become victims of bribery and forced confessions,” said Heather McGill, Amnesty International’s expert on Ukraine.

“It is high time the Ukrainian authorities set up an independent agency to investigate all allegations against police officers and tackled the culture of impunity and corruption that prevails.


  1. amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.

    it is yet to call obama a war criminal and ask that he be tried for his crimes (one example, killing 160 children by drones in pakistan, google to get facts & pics), no videos of obama crimes in this channel.

    but amnesty is quick to attack non-west-not-obedient-to-west .

    don't be racist hypocrites! don't get used by western tool amnesty!

    be free!peacefully expose and protest amnesty and its racism !

  2. @ResistIslamToday 1/ amnesty has not called for an international investigation/trial of obama and other western war criminal scum in spite of evidence,. in contrast it is quick to call on non west to be investigated/tried internationally even on flimsy evidence.
    how do you explain this clear racist double standard,if amnesty follows international law.
    2/ the highly perverted racist moral sense typical amnesty supporter like you is obvious when you try to justify killing of children.
    cont >

  3. @ResistIslamToday cont>
    3/all american attacks in pakistan violate international law & constitute war crimes bc two countries are not at war & ppl/gov in pakistan oppose such attacks.
    4/authority for such warcrimes comes from the highest level of usa gov/military.so killing of children cannot be blamed on accidents/bad apples. its is obama etc who are war criminals.
    5/only racist filth like you will spout that western scum can kill non western children bc pakistan gov doesn't obey west

  4. @ResistIslamToday cont>
    6/amnesty is a tool of west bc it applies double standards to west & non west(see 1).its biased accusations on human rights helps west to pressure non western govs to obey west rather than their own ppl.they justify use of force & murder if non west disobey.
    7/thus western funded amnesty helps parasitic west to exploit assets of others,justify invasion, oppression,& murder of others who disobey.

    amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.oppose it!

  5. @sittingnut1 That's a bit unfair. Amnesty may have hypocrises, but that doesn't change the immense amount of good they have done in advancing human rights. Drones are a new issue, and I agree with you that Amnesty should speak out against them. But given the current global political climate, they is probably, and sadly an element of strategy in the capaigns they take on. That said, I wouldn't protest Amnesty, but rather demand that they do a better job. And racist? Come on! Maybe ethnocentric…

  6. @HappyColouredMarbles it is right and fair to call amnesty a hypocritical racist tools of western oppression.
    amnesty serves the west;helps to pressure non west

    amnesty applies double standards with regard to west & nonwest.
    it hasn't called for an international investigation on obama war crimes while it does so for non west on far less evidence. that is racism.

    drone killing of children on pakistan is just 1 example of many war crimes of west,commited in gitmo iraq afghanistan libya etc

  7. @sittingnut1 While I disagree with you about the racist characterization, I was just trying to point out that despite hypocrises, you can't overlook the good that they have done and the immense amount of work they have done in terms of advancing human rights. The idea to stop amnesty entirely because it is a western organization and doesn't equally attack the USA for it's crimes doesn't make sense. Amnesty calls for the investigation of human rights violations of governments against their own…

  8. @sittingnut1 … people. That is why they launched a campaign in the USA just recently to stop the execution of Troy Davis. They aren't in the business of international policy, which perhaps they should be. Finally it is not racist to campaign against the policies and to ignore the questionable policies of another. At best it is ethnocentrism, but perhaps it would be better characterized as national- or regional-centrism.

  9. @HappyColouredMarbles I have spoken to this person under a number of names. He has opened a number of youtube accounts and goes on the others to give his outrages and unsustantiated claims credence. He is a fraud.

  10. @HappyColouredMarbles is helping west to pressure,invade,exploit,torture,& oppress,non west as amnesty does 'doing good' & 'advancing human rights'?lol
    only western racists benefiting from west's barbarities will say so

    ur hair splitting about definitions of racism is laughable. when amnesty treat ppl & countries differently(fact) for no other reason than their origin,that is racism.

    btw amnesty blocked us from peacefully protesting here. must be afraid of free speech!
    but we come back. lol

  11. @millertas not surprised that a filthy irrational western racist like you approve of amnesty's blocking of our peaceful protests using reason and facts .
    i drew you out & exposed your racist prejudices in v=rqFi4sirZwE thread.see
    you can't stand & argue against facts and reason, so you want us suppressed.

    no wonder that others think that way to oppose western oppression(supported by amnesty)is through violence using arms

    but we prefer peaceful means & use facts and reason.
    we will continue!

  12. @sittingnut1 Insulting me and calling me a racist won't help your case. Perhaps you could give me some concrete examples of what you are referring to and you might persuade me to agree with you.

  13. @HappyColouredMarbles you are jumping from one argument to another when refuted. lol

    i already gave 1 example of racism on the part of amnesty;
    no call from amnesty for an international investigation of obama inspite of many war crimes. it yet to call him a war criminal
    amnesty all too quick do both for non west with less evidence.
    that is racism. that is being a tool of west to pressure non west.

    only western racists benefiting from western war crimes are blind to facts.does the cap fit?

  14. @sittingnut1 LOL got some of your phoney yt accounts to give this a thumbs up. When you give me a specific incident of what Amnesty has done (not what in your twisted mind it should have done) then I will take note but until then I will just laugh at silly claims.

  15. to deny facts and reason, and to suppress peaceful protest, western tool of oppression, amnesty, resorts to blocking of y/t accounts and free speech. lol

    amnesty's masters western governments and obama resort to murder and torture to do the same

    typical racist supporters of amnesty (like scumbag @millertas ) all too happy with all that as seen by his/her comments

    we wont be suppressed !

  16. @sittingnut1 I can see no one "trying to justify killing of children" here and no one from Amnesty is trying to do that. You are simply "far out".
    You are also using offending language, caling an other person for "filthy rasist". You are 39 and from Sri Lanka. Why are you using bad language? How is it with Human Rights on Sri Lanka?

  17. @sittingnut1 You are factually wrong!! amnesty does hold the same standards for all countries idoit you have different rules an regualtion u have to obide by in diffeerent countries dum ass an as far as your none sense obama statement if you beleive this is what should happen then u might as well hold every countries governemtn an ruler for war crimes you idoit !! not racist hypocritical western oppression or western countries its obvious you are a clueless to how the world works

  18. @amnestywatch01 when you are spreading none sense an not facts what do u expect are u that ignorant to say or think this about western countires or obama ?? i mean if you beleive the none sense sittinnut or hammertapping said you are just as dum def an blind as they are to how the world works an goes around becuz if u beleive this with obama an western countries you might as well just say every country in the worlds government n rulers should be held for war crimes idoits!!

  19. Sad part about it is people really think its about western oppression LMAOO , so sad when people form these countries have no idea how the world goes around an how the worlds rich run the world has nothing to do with western oppresion hahahaha take a look at your own governments an how they do business an who they truelly do business with trust me youd be shocked an youd be wanting to over throw your own governments get a clue ppl stop always pointing fingers at west ppl are just so clueless

  20. The only case of police brutality is when you fully comply with the police and they still beat you. The instant you do something outside of what is asked of you I lose all sympathy. They tell you to drop something and you hesitate you gave them all the assurance they need to think you might hurt them or a fellow officer. Hopefully it won't be too bad, but if you knew what they go through day to day you'd understand.

  21. well i came from iraq to uklrain to study dentistry in first year i got beat up 2nd year police whi make visca took passport unless we pay money we wont c our passport again they say and now in third year new roles so we have to pay more money so america since u invade us give us a chance to study in ur colleges instated of going to these shit countries

  22. god i hate my country. pretty sure that by this point every smart person who could have made a difference has already left to live in a wester country. Sad. I think the country in general is doomed to be a shithole for generations.

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