World Day Against the Death Penalty 2011


At least 17,833 people were on death row around the world at the end of 2010.
At least 67 countries imposed death sentences in 2010.
Belarus is the last country in Europe that allows the death penalty.

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  1. @romansangel You do not have to punish the problem to solve it. If a crocodile ate your family do you think it would make it wise to punish crocodiles?
    Most people seem to be able to accept wild animals are not to blame for their nature but are typically less understanding of psychopaths. People are typically discouraged from thinking past blaming others who have mental problems but there has to be a reason for their behavior.

  2. @romansangel It is often used as an argument for the death penalty to imagine how you would feel if some horrible crime was committed against you. Would you be so reasonable and understanding then is the question asked but I fail to see how being traumatised makes one wise in making decisions.

  3. @66Shellz
    According to the American Bar Association, a whopping 1% of those executed are innocent. When you talk about abolishing the death penalty, it would behoove yourself to wonder: what does this mean for the 99% who are guilty?

  4. @halflifeproductionz If the justice system is corrupt, how can you believe in death penalty for such a system? Also, are we actually talking about death penalty making a good on society, or just revenge hidden by a "justice" flag. I'm all for it, allow death penalty. I won't cry for violent people dieing, they probably were going to die in violence anyway. I will say this however, I don't believe death penalty will, if anything, help society.

  5. The real criminals, the people that operate those cartels, say the REAL criminals, are never, ever going to die by death penalty, because they are the same people that are maintaining the government. Those are the real problem, the people that are creating more and more criminals. Don't go with this "pussy liberal shit" if you want, I don't completely go with this either, but if you are blaming this over the real problem, the people behind the curtain have done their job correctly,

  6. @luigicamp69 if they are given life it will takes years for them to die while with the death penalty there end will come before the body dies of natural causes. if i had a choice of life or death i would choose death because i don't wanna spend my life in a cage

  7. Where are all the photos of the victims and the victim's parents… killed by those on death row? I see the mom's tears for the criminals.. but I don't see you showing the impact on the families of the original victims. As missjess2828 said below, those on death row that deserve to be there, have earned their fate. No tears from me, not for them.

  8. If a guy gets shot to death in a second, or stabbed and dies after 3 minutes(max) of pain, how can that be close to living with the knowledge that you will die in maybe years? And then you sit there, in the chair, knowing you have seconds left to live, and you see all those you love watching you. And if you are innocent?

  9. Well this is how I see it, I dont care what happens to criminals and no ones ever killed someone I love but if they did and if it was up to me id be just fine with them in prison forever. Death is to good for them and I dont see it as justice. I believe in heaven and hell but I cant sit here and say there going to hell for I dont know, only god knows and the only hell I know so far is prison. Either way your loved ones dont come back killing the murderer or not.

  10. Since it is inevitable that when you call for the death penalty you will be causing innocent people to be sentenced, logically your arguing for yourself to be sentenced to death. Not my argument, yours.

  11. No better that criminals who murder and rape others in cold blood should have people pay to keep them alive, that's not fair on the taxpayer or the victims family.

  12. To make a convincing argument for the need to murder people in cold blood you’re going to have to base it on something of more substance than saving money, otherwise why isn't it OK to murder anyone with special needs who rely on the help of others?

  13. Theres a difference between a special needs person and a criminal. The difference is, special needs people were born with the condition they had, so they ought to receive help as they can't help having the condition they have. A criminal choose to murder or rape some innocent person without mercy or care because their a sadistic cunt, so why should the taxpayers money go towards keeping someone alive when they choose to bring misery on others? Your arguments fails.

  14. What about the murderer that killed his/her victim in cold blood? They are not killing people to make society less violent; they are making murderers accountable for their actions. Don't you have any feelings for the victims and their family?

  15. The death penalty should be something rare like mass or muiltiple murders and should be done more of to protect people from them rather than torture the prisoner.

  16. Killing a killer does not give you closure. 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth and the whole world would be blind and toothless'.The death penalty does not keep crime rates low, and is to risky ,many people are wrongly executed. Human rights, are called human rights, because they apply to all humans, however much we revile them for there acts, they are not monsters, dehumanizing the criminal is used to give people in society peace of mind, and absolve them of their involvement. The right to life applies to everyone. Criminals have crossed a line, but do you want to cross it with them. I don't.

  17. Why should I care about the life of an ANIMAL who takes the life of a Human Being? All rapists, murderers, and child molesters should be shot in public and hung by their legs so the public can take pot shots at them.

  18. Please, could you all sign this petition for my friend sitting on death row in Alabama, he never got a FAIR trial and they want to execute him in March, he is innocent, we need as many people as possible to sign the petition to get him a new trial, please, can you also share the petition, it is so important

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