Azerbaijani minority rights to freedom of expression in Iran


Amnesty International’s Drewery Dyke talks to Fakhteh Zamani, Association for Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran.

The Azerbaijani minority in Iran, have been prevented from exercising their right to freedom of expression and assembly by participating in largely peaceful demonstrations over the environmental situation of Lake Oroumieh. Up to scores of others may have been arbitrarily arrested, and we have received unconfirmed reports that at least two demonstrators may have been killed.

Amnesty International calls on the Iranian authorities to ensure that all those who have been arrested are granted immediate access to their families and lawyers of their choice, that they are given an opportunity to challenge their detention, and that any held solely for the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression, association or assembly are released. We also urge the authorities to establish an independent review of the policing and overall administration of justice regarding the rallies relating to Lake Oroumieh and for law enforcement officials to be held accountable for any violations, including any unlawful killings for which state officials may have been responsible.


  1. amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.

    it is yet to call obama a war criminal and ask that he be tried for his crimes (one example, killing 160 children by drones in pakistan, google to get facts & pics), no videos of obama crimes in this channel.

    but amnesty is quick to attack non-west-not-obedient-to-west .

    don't be racist hypocrites! don't get used by western tool amnesty!

    be free!peacefully expose and protest amnesty and its racism !

  2. Thanks to Amnesty International for reporting on Lake Urmia crisis and for supporting the right of peaceful protests. And thanks to Fakhteh Zamani for her tireless work to get the international community's attention.

  3. @sqekcx yes i am serious .

    amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.

    if you think otherwise explain the reasons for amnesty's double standard with regard to west and non west referred to in my comment
    eg. why is amnesty not not calling bloody obama a 'war criminal' and not trying to indict him for murders of children(160+documented) in pakisthan ?

    only western racists and their non western slaves will remain blind to facts and support amnesty.
    are you one?

  4. @hammertapping
    you remind me of the staunch zionists who tell people they can't criticise Israel if they don't also criticise every single human right violations in the world cuz otherwise they have double standards.
    amnesty wont be able to cover all violations happening. I don't know if they indeed make their choices to report on issues based on race as you suggest, but if you care to look at what they've done, you'll see that they've criticised the west over various matters as well.

  5. @sqekcx where did i say amnesty should cover "all violations happening"?
    you are trying to run from the issue

    who is committing the most human rights violations in the world now?
    who is bombing innocents?holding, torturing and disappearing ppl?killing journalists? invading and setting up puppet regimes? who is grabbing assets? etc etc
    obama, usa, west!
    and you think amnesty's relative silence on any of that (in contrast to obscure violations by non west)excusable

  6. @sqekcx amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.

    why doesn't amnesty denounce obama as a war criminal?why isn't amnesty calling for an international war crime tribunal to investigate & indict western criminals like obama?
    in contrast amnesty is quick to denounce and call for such things with regard to non west even with less evidence
    why the double standard?
    bc amnesty is a racist hypocritical western tool to pressure non west.
    only racists remain blind to facts.r u 1?

  7. @hammertapping Yes your right and on the point too, amnesty is a tool of the west and always have been amnesty tried to cause mayhem in my country but were caught before hand. heres something for you to read.

    google"Amnesty: Infamous Tool of Conspiracies "

  8. Why doesnt amnesty talk about the situation in libya where the terrorist nato who have commited genocide??
    To the people who dont now about amnest international just ask yourselves how can amnesty ignore the horrific acts of torture hangings, killings that are all over youtube, that are being comited the so-called rebels and NATO??
    Why isnt it calling for the ICC to arrest cameron,sarkozy and obama?

    Amnesty,everyone is waking up and are seeing what your establishment is really about.

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