Still no justice for Gaza flotilla victims


A UN report on deadly 2010 flotilla raid published on 02 September 2011 points to excessive use of force by Israel.

Philip Luther, Amnesty International Deputy Director for Middle East and North Africa responds to the report.


  1. no justice for the shayetet 13 soldiers attacked by illegal attempt to break legal siege and by international terrorist org (the IHH) there is no excessive force in battle and if amnesty looking for explanation for the death of the 9 terrorists there it is: The terrorists foolishly attacked one of the best elite unit in the world it's very simple

  2. The only Jewish and democratic country in the Mideast is the problem. Human rights violators all over the place but Israel is the problem. Get the fuck out amnesty you fucking lunatics

  3. @Neurosjb Bro, i am not an expert on international law or UN, but i am somewhat knowlageable of common sense.

    and listen, our security and survival is worth more than international law, or the opinions of others, whether they be world leaders or idiots on youtube.

    it is irrelevant to me whether this "siege" and "occupation" and "attack" are "legal" or not. they are all necessary for security and survival.

  4. What nonsense! Yes the deaths were avoidable, the idiots on board should have never tried to break the embargo of a terrorist regime – Hamas. Why doesn't AI attack the daily abuses of palestinians by their own Taliban like govt? Israel has every right and obligation to stop ships from entering since Hamas is trying import heavier weapons to fire at civilians! Give it up AI, you should be embarrassed of this.

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