“We are not dirt”: Forced evictions in Egypt’s informal settlements


More than 12 million people live in Egypt’s sprawling informal settlements (slums). Over the years, the authorities have treated these people with contempt, subjected them to unlawful forced evictions and threatened them with arbitrary arrest under repressive emergency legislation if they dared to protest.

The dramatic political changes that have happened since 25 January 2011 offer the new Egyptian authorities an historic opportunity to genuinely consult slum-dwellers about their housing, and to work with them to create a brighter and safer future.


  1. amnesty is a hypocritical racist tool of western oppression.
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  2. @hammertapping You are clearly uninformed. AI has called out Obama on several things: Gitmo, LBGT rights, rape in the military, drone attacks in Pakistan & Afghanistan, and ending all these damn wars that are costing us billions. And no one is attacking these human rights violators, simply pointing out how they maintain control and power, i.e., via threats and death. Unfortunately that is a practice known worldwide, not just in the US.

  3. @Poetlawyer06 i protest against amnesty, precisely bc i am not uninformed.
    if you are informed as you claim, point me to, where amnesty has called obama a war criminal as he deserved, where amnesty asked that all westerners helping human rights violations at gitmo, afghanistan, iraq, libya, pakistan be tried by international tribunals.
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