Iran public execution displays brutal culture of violence


Graphic new video footage of a public hanging in Iran this week highlights the brutalisation of both the condemned and those who watch executions, Amnesty International said today.

The video provided to Amnesty International was shot on 19 July, and shows the execution by hanging of three men in Azadi Square in the city of Kermanshah. The men had been convicted of rape.

The three men are shown standing on top of buses as guards drape ropes fixed to a bridge overhead around their necks, before a crowd of onlookers including children.

The crimes for which the men were condemned and the execution is announced over a loudspeaker, then the buses are driven away.

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  4. @AmnestyInternational
    From whom do you get paid? Whose interests do you represent? America also has the death penalty, where even innocent fall victim. Since you say nothing. They act according to the interests of their donors.

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  7. lol, you dumbasses in the comments. Amnesty international goes after the U.s. gov. all the time so enough with this cynicism. Stop acting like it's propaganda or unfair for them to oppose Iran's regime. Iran sucks, face it. 

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