End the segregation of Romani children in Slovakia’s schools


Thousands of Romani children across Slovakia remain trapped in substandard education as a result of widespread discrimination and a school system that keeps failing them.

Entrenched anti-Roma attitudes within the education system have led to situations in which Romani children from kindergarten onwards are sometimes locked into separate classrooms, corridors or buildings, separated even at lunchtimes to prevent them from mixing with non-Romani pupils.

Take Action!

Go to www.amnesty.org/slovakia-end-segregation and click the ‘send’ button below to email the Slovak Minister of Education, Eugen Jurzyca, and the Deputy Prime Minister for Human Rights and National Minorities, Rudolf Chmel, calling for measures that if adopted, will strengthen and enforce the ban on discrimination and segregation of Romani children in Slovakia’s schools.


  1. @KikaHajdukova
    then why do you think this video came about? what do you think about the treatment of Romani people in Slovakia or other eastern european countries? I'm just curious because I've never been to these places.

  2. @KikaHajdukova I think (I know for a fact) that these abuses have been documented for many years, I think you are a Slovakian who believes some nationalist fake version of events that refuses to see the dark side of your country. Sometimes it takes a foreigner to show you what's been staring at you in the face and you are incapable of seeing.

  3. @ComradeSinclair Actually it is not always the same. Children who have escaped ghettoised schooling in Czech Republic, for example, do very well in Canadian schools where the same racism does not pertain (I am convinced Canadians have their own racism, it's just that Roma are not the local scapegoat, the Canadians have other groups to arbitrarily blame). Similarly Roma in other parts of the Americas, such as Brazil and Argentina, can and often actually do very well.

  4. @KikaHajdukova Hey, you wouldn't like it if the TV made a point of highlighting the nationality of all the Slovak criminals. But of course, there are no Slovak criminals right? At least, it's not in their blood, in their culture. You have the makings of a beginners-level nazi I'm afraid,

  5. pls people like you retarded amnesty international.. pls take all this children and their parents away from this terrible country.. give them home for free, education, food and everything.. pls DO IT!! PLEASE!!! you know nothing about what is it like to live with them.. you never tried it.. so dont judge us.. retards

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