In conversation with Sarah Shourd


US Hiker Sarah Shourd talks to Amnesty International Iran specialist, Drewery Dyke, and discusses her release from detention in Iran and the fate of her two fellow Americans still detained.


  1. Thank You Amnesty for bringing important attention to this human rights case! Sarah, I hope you know there are hundreds of thousands of us around the world who support you in your efforts to free your fiance and friend. Your courage and grace are truly admirable. Until freedom!!!!

  2. Someone needs to ask the OBVIOUS question: Why would you be out on a leisurely stroll on the Iraq/Iran border? Can they be more naive?? Why don't they go play hopscotch in a minefield – it would be SAFER. These peace activists must get through their heads that there are many sadistic, selfish, greedy, people out their that will NEVER embrace peace the way the activists envision it in their imaginary, utopian and naive little world.

    Other than that, I think she's quite hot.

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