Slovak society opens up to the Bratislava Pride


Amnesty International Netherlands produced this video which captures the 2011 Bratislava pride event in all its glory.
Despite the initial violence and intimidation, the organizers stated that the Pride was a great success. On 24 May Romana Schlesinger, one of the organizers, stated that “all this clearly shows that the Slovak society is ready to open up a discussion about the total emancipation of this minority, too. Now it is the turn of politicians and representatives of the government, it is their job to secure the rights of minorities. We showed that we are here and that Slovak society accepts us.”


  1. To that stupid woman who thinks being gay is sick: why should we waste resources to protect you? it's none of your business what gender other people like. it doesn't hurt you in any way. get a life

  2. @sqekcx
    No, you are lying. It hurts the whole society and national community. Moments like these make me wish the WWII had other outcome.
    Some people may have leanings to homosexuality, but they have to fight them and pray to God to help them lead a normal life.

  3. @sqekcx
    Frankly, I don't know who is more stupid here. But I think hate towards normal family life (where birth of children can be expected) is not only stupid, moreover: it is sick.
    Silly European Union – at least my home country Slovakia should get out of that scummy business, if the rest of Europe wishes to rot in it.

  4. @walterdonath
    thanks for your concern, but i'd rather enjoy this life than live a boring life so that i can have a better life after death that i don't even know if it really exists

  5. ja len tak ze ani oni nemozu mat deti… mimochodom co ma toto spolocne s bibliou? to ze je nieco v biblii nic nedokazuje… V novom zakone toho vela nenajdes co sa tyka homosexuality… ked uz ale tak bazirujes na tej biblii: nosis veci ktore 100% z jednej latky? mas bradu? a preco ma vlastne nezabijes ked sa ta snazim odvratit od viery?

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