Standing up for freedom


A beautiful animated video produced by Eallin Motion Art and Dreamlife Studio in Prague for Art for Amnesty. Directed by Carlos Lascano, with music by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe.

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  1. @MrGregglesC Not really, people who use guns for murder and violence usually get them illegally so taking them from the public wouldn't matter as that's not where they get them. Everyone Switzerland owns a gun and they have a really low crime rate watch?v=95zI8zrmxIQ

  2. @IsaraiLee Yeah it's worked over there. But almost every were else if you prevent easy access to guns it lowers crime. It's a huge problem in America, because guns are so easy to get. I think switzerland manages because of it's culture, but America has a more violent one which makes it unsafe. Only once the culture is changed in places where guns are allowed and kids are taught at a young age. But in the end why is a society with guns needed?

  3. @Zareste It is actually technically a crime. You do realise that if these criminals couldn't get guns so easilly you wouldn't need a gun to shoot them with? some flawed logic there my friend.

  4. actually there this type of flower (that i dont know the name in english) was the one used to put in the hole of all the guns of the soldiers during the portuguese revolution. wich was a pacific revolution that gave portuguese people ther freedom.

  5. governments want us to be separated, we have to STAND TOGETHER and they are weaker than us !!! no guns and machines can destroy love and unity !!!

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