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Amnesty International celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year, and there’s plenty to do. Here’s a look at our most historic moments, and our biggest struggles. Help make a difference with 3 million other supporters, and see what you can do at

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  1. When Amnesty International opens its eyes and realizes Canadians have had their most basic rights stolen from them by government, and as a result Canadians are being tortured to death right here at home, then I will respect them.

  2. @SuperNewf1

    their most important publication is the annual report, i recommend you get it in book form.

    in that book, they have a chapter about the condition of human rights for each country. also one for canada. i suggest you check that article about canada in the annual reports, maybe you are satisfied with it and can respect them.

  3. @SuperNewf1 Although I agree with you about people taking care of their own country before taking care of others, and that Canada still isn't perfect when it comes to reinforcing laws and rights, you should really consider what this country IS capable of doing: what it's done for its own citizens and for people all over the world. Stop complaining about the "horrible country we live in" and think about the numerous dictators that care more about their ego than the well-being of their people.

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