Bahrain’s ‘revenge drive’ against protesters


Amnesty International researcher Said Boumedouha criticizes the ongoing detention and trials of pro-reform activists.


  1. I'm sure the U. S. and Canada will be in to help the civilians as they are in Libya. Unless, or course, the U.S. and Canada have different motives for being in Libya. I'll go with the ulterior motives. Why else would they ignore other countries' with severe government repression causing the death of thousands? I certainly wouldn't trust the U.S. and Canada. They operate in the Middle East for other reasons than humanitarian. (Canada used to be peacekeepers now they're warmongers)

  2. I believe that peace is in interest of all…the young people in all countries want the best for the future, so do governments who interfere -even with oeconomic interests behind democratic motives- peace will come – hopefully with less violence used in the process (see the one cells wwre eating each other up-then they incoprorated-then multicell organisms developed due to cooperation)…

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