State of the World’s Human Rights – Amnesty International Report 2011


Fifty years since the Amnesty candle began to shine a light on repression, the human rights revolution now stands on the threshold of historic change.

People are rejecting fear. Courageous people, led largely by youth, are standing up and speaking out in the face of bullets, beatings, tear gas and tanks. This bravery — combined with new technology that is helping activists to outflank and expose government suppression of free speech and peaceful protest — is sending a signal to repressive governments that their days are numbered.

But there is a serious fight-back from the forces of repression. The international community must seize the opportunity for change and ensure that 2011 is not a false dawn for human rights.


  1. The world should review our unalienable Rights through the prism of science, presented in my channel video. A renewed understanding of these Right being part of the Laws of Nature, and knowing these Laws trumps mortals in power at any scholarly or political level; may put forth a new paradigm throughout the human experience and help make this world a better place to live.

  2. people are growing together – as have the single cells building complicated organisms in the end…violence will be out -no longer necessary- one day….let*s hope

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