Bin Laden’s killing raises human rights questions


Amnesty International’s Sam Zarifi on human rights implications of Osama Bin Laden’s death for Pakistan and Afghanistan US america war on terror


  1. Osama Bin Laden wasn't a peron interested in the basic fundamentals of human rights, but instead was focused on being on top of the political ladder in the world of the very conservative sunni practice of Islam. It's ashame of what he did on 9/11/01, because he very much tarnished the reputation of Islam as a whole.

  2. Osama is a creation of The CIA .He was used to create terror in mid east countries and was to labeled as an anti-Governmental Rebel
    The attempt was a failure,Instead Osama Formed the Al qaueda which was an anti NATO Terrorist organization and a Mercenary group of independent will
    Thus He was labeled as a terrorist and so were the muslims.We don't label Christians as terrorists even if they have various mafias,Drug cartels and arms trading.Then why did US make Muslims Terrorists after 9/11?

  3. @vinnie181 are you fucking kidding me?? you can watch and see how the towers fail the exact spot of impact! you can see the steel beams start to bend then colapse in on its self. not all buildings fall the same way…

  4. @mtconquest If that was the case they would not of fallen in free fall time and as heat rises it would only affect the steal above not the whole building………, and where did the molten metal found 6weeks later at GZ come from…. you need to check facts then make your own mind up. that's not even starting about building 7 which held the Wall Street insider trading and information pending investigation also leveled that day . WTF? JUST UNLUCKY? I think not!!!!!

  5. NATO is a bunch of Liars a group of killers operated by the Washington crew.They killed thousands of innocent people,and discriminate the muslims as terrorists.Enjoy your final killings NATO soon the Muslims will rip you apart and the Criminal courts will come and drop you down on your knees

  6. are these morons for real, Ok im not American but i can damn understand why Osama got plugged he was a scumbag murdering coward. There is no excuse for him to be left alive. Amnesty yet another FAIL on your part.

  7. seals are govt sanctioned thugs, good thing afghans killed 25 of them 2 months later, if u go to afghanistan, u will have to turn back in humiliation.

  8. @MeTooLordpunyGreat bin laden did not send any jets anywhere & has never been charged or indicted for the 9/11 attacks,.Also after the Pres Lincoln assassination & the subsequent hanging of the woman, it was written into law that everyone is entitled to a civilian trial by jury ,not in military courts even in times of war. there should be only one set of laws that are applicable to all in all circumstances.

  9. human rights? there giving terriorists human rights now? so when they kill innocent people what about the familys right for justice, wat the fuck is this shit fuck off.

  10. @MeTooLordpunyGreat bin Laden did not Hijack any jets or send them,As he was not involved . Also he was never charged or indicted "at any time" for 9/11 attacks before his death, finally putting your words in capitals does not make them correct or ant less misinformed

  11. Perhaps Amnesty should focus on the genocide in Darfur, or the bloody conflict in the Congo, before defending Osama Bin Laden, who helped fund the Sudanese government's genocide. For high profile targets, there's no point in having a "fair trial," they'll be found guilty regardless.

  12. I listened with great care and interest to what Mr. Sam Zarifi of Amnesty international had to say regarding the posture of the United States and Pakistan towards terrorist organizations and people suspected of being tied with them. I have no argument with Mr. Zarifi. I am in full support of his position especially regarding what he says about the disappearance of individuals because of suspicion of their involvement in these organizations. This is a flagrant abuse by governments.

  13. I think, however, that the title given this video is misleading. Prior to listening to what Mr. Zarifi had to say, I was prepared to challenge him. I believed that he was going to chide the American government for the assassination of Bin Laden. That said, I support fully Amnesty International's position on human rights. I applaud all the marvelous, caring individuals who seek to give help and support to those treated unjustly. Thank you for this video presentation.

  14. then you are admitting you don't care about the rule of law, and due process.

    That's fine. but then you don't really have a right to whine about people who fly planes into buildings. You can't have it both ways.

    You see…..your values are for YOU to live up too, not something to be tossed away when it's not convenient for you.

  15. The murder of Bin Laden was a crime. Anyone who can't see that is nothing more than a propagandized fool.

    Of course..that's not to say the world isn't a better place without him, but if you can't even respect your own rule of law, then your society is basically worthless.

  16. bullshit. Summary executions are one of the GREATEST examples of 'big government' in action. So you are either a fucking liar or a hypocrite. Individualist my ass. You fucking americans are so full of shit. So scared of "big government" but so ready to give your lives over to private tyrannical fascist institutions like corporations and the "private sector". lol. What a fucking joke you are. You morons hijack anarchist terms like "libertarian" when you are really slaves to elite power.

  17. listen to SOME FUCKING LOGIC. Moral standards are PERSONAL. Not something REACTED TOO by the conduct of others. If you CAN'T live up to your OWN laws/morals/standards then you are nothing more than a fucking hypocrite. If you are incapable of processing THIS rationality then you are fucking useless as a human being.

    If you're willing to abandon your principals when things get tough then you DON'T have any principals. And that makes you as disgusting as any terrorist.

  18. superman!?!?….lol…..these are laws the US HAS ON THE BOOKS already…and CLAIM to be the back bone of there society. If they can't live up to them then they shouldn't claim them as values they believe in. And if you DON'T believe in the rule of law and due process..then you most certainly CAN'T fucking complain when someone flies a plane into your buildings. Just be honest and say you believe "might makes right." Again..just admit you are a fascist. Cause that's what you are.

  19. yeah….you can't successfully debate my points so you attempt to throw in all these unrelated arguments that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    In terms of logical fallacies, what you are doing is called "red herring".

    I'm done.

  20. no body , no photographs …erm …ok…so a guy ( from a multi billionaire family ) happened to survive living with kidney faliure into his 60s while living in a cave network in one of the most underdevolped nations on earth….ok , whats next ? goldylocks and the 3 bears ?

  21. norsk jeg og, og du er full i dritt, er man for menneskerettigheter gjelder det for alle, dobbeltmoral er gøy, men i sånne saker er man for menneskerettigheter eller ikke, hvis du mener noen ikke fortjener det så er du MOT.

  22. When the US illegally stormed the compound where Bin Laden was living.On their way through the building the shot and killed all the men and unarmed women they encountered.Now they may well have been harbouring a criminal but you don't have the right to kill them the second you make eye contact.Imagine if Iranian soldiers stormed a building illegally in the USA and murdered all inside,what do you think the governments response would be? It made the US WORSE than the terrorists!

  23. Bin Laden Orchestrated the killing of thousands of innocent Americans. He deserve death as do all that support him and al Qaeda. No matter where in the world they wish to hide. If you don't want this happening in your country don't allow terrorist sanctuary death to al Qaeda death to alwazerie

  24. Oh my god Amnesty international is the worst. They care more about child molesters, murders exedera…. For Christ sake we have to give fucking murder's a chance to vote because it a human right. We are there human rights for the victim. Fuck Amnesty

  25. Shall we give IS fighters human rights as well? Let's all give them flowers instead of bullets and see what happens. I think Sam Zarifi should deliver them in person and experience their warm hospitality and attention to human rights. Isn't it reassuring that someone cares about the poor maligned jihadists and their human rights? Quite touching really except that Zarifi didn't mention the human rights of Bin Laden's innocent victims…tut-tut, people might conclude that he is a suit and tie jihadist…ohhhh….

  26. how the fuck can any body that kills, tortures and abducts people have any sort of human rights claim.. FUCK them.. if I ever come across any of you ISIS pigs. ILL KILL YOU MYSELF 

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