Bahrain protesters die in police crackdown


Amnesty International has condemned the heavy-handed tactics used by Bahrain’s riot police earlier today after the second death in two days of protests calling for political reform in the tiny Gulf state.

Fadhel ‘Ali Matrook was among a crowd of people mourning the death yesterday of ‘Ali ‘Abdulhadi Mushaima’, killed in clashes between protesters and police, when he was shot dead by police earlier today in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. Riot police are said to have opened fire on the crowd without warning during the funeral.


  1. you have to know that bahrain government had imported all sorts of people from around the globe as a police men they gave them a bahrainy citizenship and that's is the reason
    behind the heavy attacks on the other hand Egypt uses their own people in the army as a result the army refuses to attack their brothers
    to conclude more heavy attacks will keep going more than other countries and bringing other troops from other countries is like fighting fire with gas

  2. @setnaffa There are joint resposibilities in every situation. Bahrain has been a "sweetheart" to the USA for a while. Suggest you read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. No one is fully to blame but no one is completely innocent.

  3. Guys, dont forget, we are all muslims,,, there are our enemies watching us fight each other and die for no reason, they want our lives to be disturbed so they can remain in the arab land forever in the name of giving peace or giving freedom to us in our own lands,but they are looting us in a big way. We fail to understand this always and if we dont wake up atleast now,,, we will be their slaves forever and they will be becoming stronger in enjoying our wealth and prosperity.THINK WELL.

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