Amnesty International stands in solidarity with Egypt protesters in London


Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty and other organisations gave speeches in Trafalgar Square in support of the people of Egypt, and the wider Middle East and North Africa.

Thousands of people rallied in cities across the world today to demand respect for human rights in the Middle East and North Africa as part of a global day of action organized by Amnesty International.

We stand in defiance against all those who try to suppress the growing movement of people standing up for their rights, facing down injustice and offering hope for a better world.


  1. international solidarity! I like the sound of that. I featured your video at One Year Bible Blogging on facebook – I shared this comment there; Jesus Christ was sent to the people of Israel to destroy the imagery of a "God of the Jacobites" to the understanding of YHWH is Salvation of all of Creation. He was the face (wisdom) of God's Powerful Gift of Love. Not humanity's right, but God's Right – His Desire – His Love. If we give Him a Name in partiality, we die a bit inside.
    Egypt rocks!

  2. Amnesty UK organised an Arab spring solidarity rally on Saturday the 11 of February. As stated on their website, they are a campaigning organisation for justice, fairness and freedom but, unfortunately as the event unfolded Kurdish people were alienated, marginalised and intimidated by protesters. The rally, although it was supposed to be for Arab and African uprisings did not have diverse speakers from post-revolution countries such as Yemen

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