The role of the West in Egypt protests


Some countries would rather have “their guy” than a democratic Egypt. Amnesty International Senior Director Widney Brown on the role of the West in Egypt protests.


  1. Mubarak's cowardly delay of his inevitable removal from office is costing innocent lives. The dissidents, and everyone that stands in solidarity with them around the globe (such as myself and the other protesters that will be demonstrating in Canada today) cannot acquiesce until he has stepped down, or more lives will be lost.

    As a side note, I would like everyone in the international community to know that many Canadians are disgusted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's pro-Mubarak sentiments.

  2. What you say is the closest to honesty in the Egyptians move to freedom that I have heard I would just add that the US. is very much responsible for the deaths and pain happening. Wanting/ letting Mubarak stay in the country. for US interests. is so far delaying or perhaps stopping all together the reform the people want. US has a vested interest and what is needed is an impartial country to handle this. There I go dreaming of doing the right thing again!

  3. @Patrissimo47 Just commented on this video but want to add that your right on Harper. Think he has humiliated Canada one time to many. Get the word out there IS more than one party. Not cons or libs as same old thing. Green, Independant NDP. anything but the old parties.

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