Haiti: Sexual violence against women increasing


Women and girls living in Haiti’s makeshift camps face an increasing risk of rape and sexual violence, Amnesty International said in a new report released today.

One year after the earthquake which killed 230,000 people and injured 300,000, more than one million people still live in appalling conditions in tent cities in the capital Port-au-Prince and in the south of Haiti, where women are at serious risk of sexual attacks. Those responsible are predominately armed men who roam the camps after dark.


  1. @Costign I agree-while the majority of UN aid workers prob have good intentions, I believe those at the top of the organisation are corrupt and deliberately ensure, time and time again that aid is delayed or given out ineffectively. This may seem like a big claim to make but why are so many massive 'mistakes' made time and time again with the amount of £ pumped into it? I believe the UN is there to serve the NWO depopulation agenda of the world leaders, under the pretence of doing good…

  2. @Costign Just like Monsanto donating 'food aid' to 3rd world countries, made to look like a kind, charitable action but the food is GM, which just so happened to cause infertility, cancer and hair growing inside the mouth when fed to rats…, or 'vaccines' which seem to cause more ill than they prevent…the ultimate Trojan horses; actions which serve the NWO and globalist depopulation agenda

  3. Excellent solar lights cost $20. Great water filters cost $35. The world is corrupt. It always has been. Is that an excuse to sit back and do nothing?? Get over it. If governments are not going to solve the problem maybe we citizens should quit complaining and exercise our rights to do something ourselves. I am. [email protected]

  4. @Costign thx for your reply and for the extra info…I wasn't aware of the massacres at Cite Soleil, although this only adds to my suspicions…the UN seem to leave a trail of destruction and disarray wherever they aid (read: invade). The Red Cross seems to have the same problem…I recently saw a video on here in which Haitians stated the Red Cross aid camps were there just for show and media coverage, most people hadn't been given anything in the way of food. I advise people to research NWO…

  5. Humans mastered the art of boiling drinking water and digging toilet pits centuries ago. Even farther back they figured out how to organize themselves into productive societies and provide security for their women and children while ruthlessly weeding out criminals. But that's humans I'm referring to. Other species are apparently still a long way from getting these things straight.

  6. Fuck these niggers. Before the earthquake the coutnry was a shithole, why is it so different now. If anyone needs help it's the white farmer in south africa.

  7. @Costign ok, lets just let them fend for themselves, that ok? no money, no nothing. you will change your tune to "the US ARE MONSTERS, they arent helping at ALL!!!!!!" just save your rhetoric for the insane.

  8. @xxstarchildxx well thats what we need, eugenics applied to a people that have no societal value. They dont invent anything, education is the least of their priorities. why should they steal resources from a more productive human being somewhere else on the planet?

  9. @Costign i dont consider any race superior. i would gladly practice eugenics against my own race, have you seen the south east US? rates of education are declining in that region. those are people that have no societal value as well. The people that have no tangible value to a society should not procreate, or at the least be restricted. this goes for all races.

  10. @Costign lol you have nothing to say now? i demonstrated i am no racist, which rendered your points, if you want to call them that, moot. good luck trying to support life on earth with 10 billion poor people.

  11. @Costign this planet cannot support 10 billion or more people, its being over populated. this is FACT. what dont you get about that, what are you six? "whatever" is the attitude of someone that has been defeated. so i was rubbing it in your face. You cannot argue with scientific fact that this planet cannot support the number of people it will see in the near future. when i say i am no racist, you call me a racist? please see a psychiatrist.

  12. @803brando Overpopulation is a myth perpetrated by billionaire elitists…an excuse which they use to justify and desensitise the public to endless wars(which they describe as 'nature's built in population control'…pfft.) This is done because war is profitable to them. Its true certain places are grossly overpopulated, yet its possible for the entire world population to live on the continent of Australia…look it up. Also how can Haitians become more literate if they don't have the funds?

  13. We have to remember that people from the prisons in Haiti escape during the earthquake so that is just one of the reasons why Haiti is having these problems.

  14. @Costign
    So wait. Even though the video is about how women are being raped by Haitian men, you still want to turn it into an argument about how the world has a 'secret agenda' for Haiti?
    You're as bad as Muslims in not giving a shit about women and blaming everyone but yourself for your problems

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