Malaysia caning ‘epidemic’ violates international law


“Caning in Malaysia has hit epidemic proportions,” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director. “In every case that we examined, the punishment amounted to torture, which is absolutely prohibited under any circumstances.” In recent years, Malaysia has increased the number of penal offenses subject to caning to more than 60. Since 2002, when Parliament made immigration violations such as illegal entry subject to caning, tens of thousands of refugees and migrant workers have been caned. In Malaysian prisons specially trained caning officers tear into victims’ bodies with a metre-long cane swung with both hands at high speed. The cane rips into the victim’s naked skin, pulps the fatty tissue below, and leaves scars that extend to muscle fibre. The pain is so severe that victims often lose consciousness. The Malaysian government does not punish officers for their actions. Instead, it trains officers how to conduct caning and pays them a bonus for each stroke. Many double their income through their caning work. Others take bribes to intentionally miss, sparing their victims. State-employed doctors also play an integral role in caning. They examine victims and certify their fitness to be caned. When victims lose consciousness during caning, they revive them so the punishment can continue. After caning, some victims suffer long-term physical disabilities. “The role that Malaysian doctors play in facilitating deliberate pain and injury through caning is absolutely contrary to international medical ethics,” said Sam Zarifi. “Instead of treating the victims, doctors are assisting in their torture and ill-treatment.” Malaysian officials and state employees who are complicit in torture are liable to prosecution worldwide under universal jurisdiction for grave human rights crimes such as these, Amnesty International said.


  1. you have to understand that this is done to violent offenders such as rapists and murderers.. they're lucky not to have to go the gallows.. imagine if one of their victims are your mother, daughter, sister..

  2. @MrLiqouricestick i don't deny some errant illegal immigrants get up to maximum four strokes.. malaysia have been plagued by crimes committed by illegal immigrants such as rape, robbery, murder, on top of illegal gambling, prostitution etc.. unless your country can provide us the money to support them, I think the fear tactic is the way to go to deter illegal immigrants..

  3. @MrLiqouricestick you keep harping on the poor and defenseless ones which is a textbook appeal to pity fallacy. Just because someone is poor and unemployed, does not give them the excuse to sell or traffic drugs. The United Kingdom is surrounded by developed nations while Malaysia is surrounded by poverty stricken nations therefore Malaysia have a colossal task of policing the inflow of illegal immigrants compared to the UK.

  4. @butterflyee2000 For your information Singapore is also practicing corporal punishment i.e. caning. It has proven to help deter illegal immigrants coming into Singapore. Malaysia's prisons is overflowing with illegal immigrants and sending them back each time is very costly given that most of them will return. A form of punishment must be done to deter them from returning illegally to Malaysia.

  5. Would like to point out that this quote was blacked out from the Malaysian edition of TIME magazine. Obviously something the country isn't proud of, something they don't want the public to question.

  6. It is customary that when you go into different countries, you obey their laws! If you don't want to get caned in countries where they cane people, the best way to avoid it is to OBEY THE LAW!!!

  7. @butterflyee2000 like I said, when you go into other countries, you obey their laws! If you don't, you will pay the penalties! And btw, Singapore has no problem telling the world that you will get caned for breaking certain laws, and that is the way it is going to be! Henceforth, they have a very safe country with very little crime! Maybe the USA ought to take a few notes from them!

  8. Singapore and Malaysia are sovereign countries, and they have every right to have whatever laws they want. If they want to cane people, they make it very clear that caning is used as a penalty for certain crimes. If you don't like it, don't go there. If you do go there, OBEY THE LAW, or face the consequences!!! Like it or not folks, when you go into another country you are subject to their laws. PERIOD!

  9. @marcop711 Why thank you marcop711! Different countries do things differently, and run different kinds of shows, and if you break into someone's car and steal the radio in some place like Singapore or Malaysia, you are going to go to jail, and will get caned! In those countries, they have very low crime rates, however, you would think twice if you knew you were going to get six of their best! It's good to see that they are civilized and orderly!

  10. Hey, at least they care for their citizens to that extent. They event sent me next to a country where I am a citizen to study and I was one of the best. But some criminals came over and dragged me to Canada to be a slave. Canada stold their Engineer! Why not check up Canada and their torture over here. Why do I have to suffer over here all alone due to decent? Stop bashing Malaysians if they do not sign treaties!

  11. @MrLiqouricestick I totally agree with you. Both Malaysia and Singapore are trash, gutter countries who embarrass the civilized world with their hideous, gender-discriminating practices. Leads one to believe the lawmakers there are psycho-sexual perverts who get a sick thrill from caning males. Shameful on those uncivilized trash people

  12. This is a disgusting practice. To those who think it's a good thing. I'd like to
    see you people caned, tell me what you think AFTER you've been tortured.

  13. all your liberal hyppcrites if your wife or sister or daughter was raped, would you not want such punishment meted out . or you were robbed, knifed etc…its easier to describe it as disgusting but take note they are canning criminals and innocent or political prisoners and that s after trial and judgement. try walking the streets of Nigeria where crims roam free

  14. if you are smart ass, why not come to mexico and walk about at night.. point is you can walk the streets of south east asia safely at night compared with LA or major cities in the States. i suggest you google Gangs of LA to know how crims live a life of leisure in prisons in the USA

  15. the crime rate in Kuala Lumpur is higher than Dublin, I know because I've lived in Malaysia for a few years and my wife's uncle worked in the prison service there… in fact it's many times higher than Ireland. Caning is not working as a deterrent

  16. Two men here is the USA busted for sex trafficking a 12 years old, raping her for years, cane them, the girl is will suffer the rest of her life. cane anyone arrested for rape or molestation , all of that, cane cane cane

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