Justice for Roma community in Romania


This news video highlights the need for the Government of Romania and relevant local authorities to urgently address the violations of the right to adequate housing of approximately 75 Roma, including families with children, who were resettled by the local authorities next to a sewage treatment plant in Miercurea Ciuc, in central Romania. Their housing and living conditions are inadequate and do not comply with international standards. The approaching winter, during which the temperature in Miercurea Ciuc can be below -25 °C, is a reminder of the need for an alternative site to be found without further delays.


  1. With each Amnesty video should come a reference to the actions people can take in relation to the issues raised. Maybe at the end of the videos. Names of authorities, addresses etc.

  2. "Justice for Roma community"

    What the hell is this … another typical Western propaganda.. You don't know the gypsies.. they are lazy scums, nobody discriminates gypsies in Romania they only like to blame their own laziness to "Romanian racism". Gypsies are respected if they work and earn honestly, but they don't like to work, rather than to live by the social money help, just look in this video how they move in slow motion, their houses are terrible, they are lazy scums.

  3. @lollyloz92 Another thing is to "say" another thing is "to do". Gypsies from France were also expelled because they don't like to work, and France is a super economic country, you can find there something to work if you really want to.. but gypsies don't want to work rather than to stand in bed and send their kids to beg on streets. And they always talk the propaganda shit "we are discriminated, it's Romania's, France's fault" well give us a break monkeys, it's really your own gypsy lazy fault.

  4. @lollyloz92 If you don't know the gypsies, stop talking like another brainwashed Western prick. In Romania nobody hates them, in fact I have an honest respect for gypsies that have a good life, earn money honestly and they send their kids to school.. But only 1 out of 10 gypsies are really like that, the rest of them are true scumbags, dealing with stealing, prostitution, illegal money loaning, small street mafias and begging.

    Gypsies won't change, only if you kick them from behind.

  5. Some people defending gypsies????!!! You know, Romania is an EU country. You can get free welfare and place to live there. Gypsies don't want a place to live, they want to live in the camps like that, without papers and such. Hahaha of course they SAY they do, that's what Gypsies do…they LIE and STEAL and FCK the system. You guys are idiots if you believe they are victims! I say, go help them yourself!! And when they rape you and steal everything, don't cry.

  6. okey…lets say that Romanian system is not good…but what about Hungary,Bulgaria,Slovakia,Spain,France? they cannot integrate in any system…its their nature to be criminals…they are nothing like black people witch are normal people!…they are pure scum!

  7. Gypsies are evil disgusting pigs who have more money than most of us will ever have but they are still sending their kids (or the kids they kidnapped) out on the street to beg for money and steal. Have you ever seen those roma women sitting on the street holding a kid who is sleeping ALL THE TIME? Did you know that these bastards are giving these kids alcohol and heroin so they will sleep and sometimes these kids don't even make it through the night? Those are the kids you see on amber alert.

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